Kate del Castillo on her first comedy role
Courtesy VIX

Known for her dramatic roles in telenovelas, series, and movies, Kate del Castillo has a career that spans almost four decades on several continents. Surprisingly, this Mexican super star had never dipped her toes into comedy, not even in Spanish.

However, it only took a role as a toxic mamá and Mexican director Alfonso Pineda at the helm to convince her to give it a try. It turns out she has impeccable comedic timing and a knack for making the best faces in the most ridiculous moments.

Kate del Castillo's first comedy is "Es por su bien", which no Latino needs a translation for. In reality, it seems to be a well known saying all around the world. It means "It's for their own good," and it reflects the motto of three Mexican mothers who are appalled by their son's choices for a girlfriend.

Kate del Castillo in "Es por su bien"

In this insane and hilarious movie, streaming on Vix starting on June 21st, Del Castillo becomes Nena, a mother dealing with her teenage son's first love, a girl she disapproves of. This film sees Kate in situations that fans have never seen before.

She is part of a trio of sisters-in-law, including Clara (Consuelo Duval), a socialite, and Matis (Mónica Huarte), a widowed professional, who decided to do whatever it takes to get rid of their son's love interests.

"It's a huge compliment to hear that," del Castillo shared in an interview with The Latin Times, reflecting on her successful transition to comedy. "I did it with a lot of excitement but also with a lot of nerves. I think all actors feel insecure at times, especially when stepping into a genre they're not used to," she said.

"I had only done comedy in theater, never in film. I was very nervous about entering a genre that I find incredibly challenging because making people genuinely laugh is tough. But I had a great script, a wonderful director, and two experienced actresses in comedy to support me. I leaned on them a lot, and I think it worked out well," she added.

Kate del Castillo's efforts to avoid typecasting

As the iconic Mexican actress further elaborated on her character, she kept expressing her joy in playing a role so different from her previous work.

She even did some practical comedy. Her scene when Nena is showing her teenage son how to put on a condom with the classic banana.

"The character is super different. I didn't want to do the same thing I've always done. The role could have easily been typecast, but it wasn't, and I loved that. It's an opportunity to show the vulnerable, innocent side of a woman trying to teach her son how to use a condom. It's refreshing and unique," Del Castillo said.

"It was embarrassing, but very funny. Working with Kate as my mom in scenes like those is an experience of a lifetime," told the Latin Times, the young actor who plays her son. Sebastián García added that the fact that he received that lesson in front of the camera and with his real mom watching was something he will never forget.

What's next for Kate del Castillo

Del Castillo is busier than ever. "I just finished 'The Cleaning Lady,' and I did another action movie with Dave Bautista. Now, I'm back in Mexico, filming another movie. It's been a hectic year with a lot of diverse projects. After this movie, I'm heading to Puerto Rico and then to the Dominican Republic to shoot a thriller. It's exciting because, as you get older, more interesting roles come your way," she revealed.

Del Castillo's career is a testament to her versatility and talent. As she embraces new genres and challenges, fans eagerly await her upcoming projects. Catch "Es por su bien" on ViX starting June 21 and witness Kate del Castillo, Consuelo Duval, José Eduardo Derbez, and Mónica Huarte in a heartwarming and funny story about mothers doing what they believe is best for their children.

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