Royal observers commented that Kate Middleton looks simpler these days after Meghan Markle finally stepped down as a senior member of the British royal family. They said that the change in Duchess of Cambridge is because she no longer has to compete with Prince Harry’s wife. 

Likewise, some sources explained that she feels her fashion style is not at stakes anymore as Markle has left already. Since the Sussexes moved to Canada it was said that Middleton’s simpler look is very noticeable.  

“Someone who knows Kate well said ‘the atmosphere since the Sussexes left has noticeably improved,” the insider told The Sun. “Kate does not feel she has to compete now. She has gone back to a much simpler style and she feels very much more relaxed now. She most definitely went through a phase two years ago where she seemed slightly intimidated by Meghan.” 

The source went on to say that Middleton seemed slightly intimated by Markle when she first joined the royals. This is because she is allegedly afraid that they will be compared and people would say that the duchess of Sussex looked more glamorous. 

Prince William’s wife’s choice of more relaxed clothing pieces was noticed through a photo of herself while in lockdown inside the palace. In the photo that was posted on Kensington Royal’s Instagram, she was seen wearing a two-piece suit that was said to be from Marks and Spencer. 

Aside from her way of dressing, the Daily Mail reported that Middleton’s makeup artist is applying less eye makeup and just soft, pale shade for her lips. Even her nail colors are in subtler shades these days.

In any case, the duchess of Cambridge is originally known to love highstreet clothing styles. She usually mixes and matches designer brands and affordable wears, and the citizens actually admire her for this. What’s more, she also wears the same outfit twice or even thrice for public events whereas Markle only wears designers and don’t wear the same ensemble twice.  

Meanwhile, the royal family is practicing self-isolation in the palace since Prince Charles has been tested positive for COVID-19. Middleton and Prince William still carry out their duties but they make sure to work far from each other to protect everyone in this time of global pandemic.

kate-middleton meghan-markle Pictured: Markle and Middleton after attending the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on March 11, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Kirsty Wigglesworth