Not many remember of a time when Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was on the heavier side. But, there have been speculations about the future Queen consort’s significate weight loss—Kate looks a lot leaner now than ever before. Kate’s recent appearances got tongues wagging: is the royal mother of three suffering from an eating disorder?

While a majority of the netizens believe that both Kate and Pippa won the genetic lottery; several others are of the opinion that even if Kate were to be suffering from an illness, it would never be known to the world. “If she is suffering from some kind of eating disorder, one thing is for sure, no one apart from her husband Prince William will ever know it,” said Sharon Ann Cummins-Royes, Librarian, Teacher, Australian Women's History buff. “The woman is the epitome of what will be expected as a future Queen Consort. The Duchess will take a page out of Her Majesty’s playbook and despite all the speculation, rumor and innuendo no one will ever know anything about her life inside the Palace walls,” added Royes.

Kate was always blessed with a slender silhouette and is someone who watches her weight. Needless to say, she’s been quite particular about her diet and workouts. The Duchess and Prince William share a common love for outdoor activities and sports—Kate plays tennis and runs daily. What also needs to be factored in that good looks and a lean body type runs in the family. Kate’s parents are both extremely well-turned out and good looking for people in their late 60s and early 70s.

The Middleton girls also have a repute of going the extra lengths to keep their weight in check. Both the sisters, Kate and Pippa, worked out rigorously. “I think they restricted their calories so they would look good on their wedding day, and they liked how they looked, and are quite disciplined that they continued their diets,” Quora user Deanna Eppers said. She inferred that while they don’t seem to be the kind who’d work themselves out into exhaustion, both Kate and Pippa seem to be conscious about their food intake.

Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (L), speaks with Princess Eugenie (R) on the balcony ahead of The Derby horse race during the second day of the Epsom Derby Festival in Surrey, southern England, on June 4, 2011. ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

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