Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s dynamics as a married couple is probably very different from that of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s. Royal family fans, for instance, noted that the Duchess of Sussex tends to dispense with the protocol which was interpreted by some as “pushy behavior.”

One royal family fan even asked Quora users if they think Harry is okay with Meghan “pushing ahead of him to greet people.” The query generated a diverse range of responses with some saying that the Duke of Sussex might be secretly irked by his wife’s behavior while others are saying that pushing ahead is a non-issue at all.

One Quora user believed that Harry might be okay with this type of behavior at the moment. “He seems to be tolerant of it, for now, maybe Harry did welcome this sort of pushy behavior at the beginning of their relationship,” Ursula St.clair wrote on the site.

However, St.clair predicted that the behavior will likely irk Harry at some point in the future. “As time goes on I believe Harry will become less tolerant of this disrespectful behavior,” the Quora user explained. “Meg’s behavior is not only disrespectful of Harry, but she is also disrespecting the citizens of the U.K. by ignoring the customs, and disregarding the proper way to treat their prince while the couple is on official duties.”

St.clair also listed some of what she called “pushy behavior” from Meghan. These include elbowing her royal husband in the stomach, smacking him with the back of her hand, pushing ahead of him and stepping in front of him.

Another Quora user, Claire Chase, posted several videos as proof of what she believed to be inappropriate behavior by the Duchess towards her husband. These include pushing him out of the way, ignoring him as well as gesturing for him when it’s his turn to speak, something that’s only done on a game show, according to Chase.

However, Quora user Susan C. Weber said that these are non-issues at all and that those who do notice them are most likely Meghan’s haters. “This is just another one of those minuscule nonissues that the haters use in their efforts to make Meghan look bad,” Weber wrote.

Weber also added that it’s probably the politically correct thing to do in the U.S. “Here in the US it’s considered polite for a man to allow the woman to proceed in front of him,” the Quora user explained. “It would be considered very ill-mannered for a man to barge ahead of his smaller and (theoretically) weaker female companion.”

Weber likewise concluded that Harry must be okay with Meghan pushing ahead of him since he has not said anything to the contrary. "Harry doesn’t seem to have a problem with his wife’s way of doing things," she explained on the Quora. "If he did, it would be strictly between the two of them."

Meanwhile, Larri Brady McKnight said that the question is rather absurd. “These questions are getting rather silly,” wrote McKnight. “So, my opinion is yes, he’s happy with his wife, regardless of whatever flaws you see in her.”

queen elizabeth meghan-markle-prince-harry Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex are pictured on July 10, 2018 in London. Chris Jackson/Getty Images