The British Royal Family follows a stringent protocol when it comes to facing the media: Never complain and never explain. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex broke the rules – and got vocal about the toxicity of the British tabloid press -- The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have always maintained a stony silence. Up until now. Not anymore.

And well, Tatler, a well-regarded fashion and lifestyle magazine could be the reason behind it.  The magazine’s upcoming issue features a profile of Middleton and weaves a juicy tale about “how the crisis made Kate the Kingmaker.”

The “crisis” in question is unsurprisingly obvious -- it’s targeted at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit. While the profile doles out a rather vicious account slamming the Sussexes for being “selfish” to even putting Kate on a pedestal, lauding her for being her husband’s “most trusted adviser” and taking on added responsibilities while also making ridiculous claims about the duchess losing weight due to the struggles of parenting compounded by the added stress of picking up all of the responsibilities of Sussexes.

This was perhaps the last straw, as Middleton did not wish to let this go. What followed was a subsequent statement released by the Kensington Palace rubbishing the content of the piece and slamming it for its “swathe of inaccuracies and false representations.” What’s more, the Duchess has made it clear that she wouldn’t back down from seeking legal action if the article isn’t taken down.

What’s unfortunate to note is that publications with a decent repute are risking it all with toxic narratives like this. Aside from being far from reality, what’s important to note is that rumor mills can never really tire of Royal family gossip. Things have been blown out of proportion from day one: Right from the two duchesses and their “secret feuds” and Meghan really wanting to break away from her domineering sister in law’s shadow to Meghan trying to wreak havoc on Harry and showing zero respect toward royal protocol, the list is endless.

Now that Kate Middleton has decided to hit back, it’s clear that the duchess will not let nasty claims go unnoticed -- moving forward.

Prince William and Kate Middleton on their recent trip to Ireland Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton recently shared a glamor shot of themselves, during their visit to Ireland. Instagram