There’s a lot going on about the royal family that fans must have found it hard to keep tabs on things. One development that they might miss is that of Kate Middleton, who is slowly but surely owning up her role as the family’s future matriarch.

And the signs of her emergence as the royal family’s new leader are there for all to see if they’d bother to watch her body language more closely. According to body language expert Judi James, all the signs are saying that the Duchess of Cambridge is transforming into a very confident woman who is now at ease with the power she wields. “Kate could be emerging as the new matriarch on the block,” James said.

Take, for example, her solo engagements. In the past, she might have been uncomfortable with going on solo trips. But that’s no longer the case these days. Kate has polished her act to perfection that she now exudes an “air of control” during her speeches.

Her smiles likewise suggest of a more confident personality “Often roaring with laughter she has now widened her smile to display more teeth and an often opened mouth,” James noted. “When she laughs with her mouth wide open her nose wrinkles and she even closes her eyes. Doing this in front of a camera without placing a hand to her face in a partial cut-off or barrier suggests high levels of confidence and a desire to emphasize her own tactile and openly fun side.”

She has also developed her own look that’s distinctly Kate Middleton. “Kate seems to be developing a strong sense of individual branding with her styling at more formal royal events too, with a rather retro look that harks back to the royal style of the 50s and before,” James explained.

For royal family fans who might have noticed, there’s a reason why Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, usually prefers green-hued ensemble for royal engagements. “It may seem a bit old fashioned to ‘have your colors done’ but she has proven that in actuality we all have colors that work better for us than others,” celebrity stylist Lucas Armitage, explained. “Green is a perfect color for Kate in terms of complimenting her natural coloring her hair and eye tone, it really enhances her and give her a fresh healthy glow,” he added.

Coming up with a head-to-toe color-coordinated fashion ensemble will never go out of style. “Doing one color head to toe is a very stylish way to build a look,” the stylist explained. “Pick up any magazine and chances are an editorial fashion story will have a full look built around one color tone.”

Kate Middleton Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, patron of 100 Women in Finance's Philanthropic Initiatives, delivers a speech at a Gala Dinner in aid of ‘Mentally Healthy Schools’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum on February 13, 2019, in London, England. PhoChris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images