Fans can’t help but compare Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. After all, they have a lot in common as they both came from nonroyal backgrounds before they married their respective husbands, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Thus, fans have been comparing the two duchesses with endless arguing about who has a better fashion sense or who looks more regal in their outfits. But what about the kind of bosses they are to their subordinates?

What Kate Middleton Is Like As A Boss

Members of Kate’s staff admire her for being a reasonable boss, The Sun reported. The publication claims that the Duchess of Cambridge even knows the names of those working for her and would even take the time to ask for their opinions.

“She takes the time to listen to ideas from the most junior members in her team,” The Sun quoted an unnamed source. “Afterwards they’ll say, ‘Wow, she knows my name. She asked me what I thought.’”

Despite being the wife of the future king, Kate is reportedly forgiving of minor lapses. “If you make a mistake she’ll realise you’re human and she’ll back you regardless,” Express quoted an unnamed royal insider.

Apparently, Kate’s style of handling her subordinates is one of the reasons why they usually last long under her employ. “Kate is very good at making you feel very comfortable,” royal expert Neil Sean said. “More importantly, I think that’s why her staff have stuck around a long time.”

What Meghan Markle Is Like As A Boss

While Kate has been generally reported by the media as a reasonable boss to her staff, Meghan’s management style is a bit hard to determine. The reason is that there have been conflicting reports on whether or not she’s a good boss.

First is the negative rumors about the Duchess of Sussex as a boss. Most have probably read various reports claiming that Meghan has been called “Duchess Difficult” behind her back for being too demanding.

There were even reports that she would already be sending emails and texts as early as five in the morning. Some of the palace veterans were also reportedly put off by Meghan’s American management style.

But a recent report by Elle refutes all those negative rumors previously making their round. The publication claims that, contrary to being notoriously difficult and hard to work with, Meghan is actually “well-liked by her staff.”

Ellen claims that people close to Meghan are “excited by her ideas and enthusiasm.” Unfortunately, she can’t make them happen the soonest as the Palace’s machinery “moves a bit more slowly than what she’s used to in the U.S.”

But comparing the two in terms of management style is just pointless, according to the publication. Meghan does things her way, while Kate does them differently. But that’s okay since “very different people with different styles.”

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, arrive to attend Christmas Day Church service at Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham estate on Dec. 25, 2018, in King's Lynn, England. Stephen Pond/Getty Images