Kate Middleton is working on a major project and it may get unveiled this year!

One of the five core advocacies of The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the couple’s newly structured charity vehicle, is early years, pertaining to early stages of development in children.

Much of the Duchess’s work on the early years advocacy started in 2018 when she reportedly convened a steering group of experts “to look at what can be done to make a positive difference to the lives of children”. The group consists of academics, practitioners and charities.

The Royal Foundation has revealed a new update on the Duchess’s works on this core advocacy: “ This has been a major body of work and will be unveiled later this year. ”

A royal source described to Hello! Magazine how important this new charity work was for Middleton.

“She has found work that she’s really passionate about. She spent a lot of time at the start of her royal life learning about social issues and challenges like addiction, homelessness, mental health,” the source told Hello!.

“It became clear to her that one of the main causes of it all was things not going right in the early years, so she knows the potential advantages to doing things in this space. It’s about solving much bigger problems but doing it early,” the source continued.

One her other advocacies related to this cause is addiction awar, something that she has been working on for a longer period.

In one of a previous speech during Addiction Awareness Week, Kate Middleton has expressed her support for combating different forms of addiction. Her advocacy on addiction also piqued her interest in focusing on a child’s early years of development.

Action on Addiction was one of my very first patronages, and as such, it is very close to my heart,” Kate said as quoted by Hello! Magazine.

“I’m hugely passionate about the support it provides, especially for parents, children and families who suffer from, or through, addiction. And in some ways, it was the catalyst for my interest in early childhood development too,” she continued.

The goal of the advocacy is prevention – supporting a good foundation in early years to avoid adversity in later parts of life.

Among the five core advocacies of The Royal Foundation, which recently split structures with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are mental health, conservation, service and young people.

Prince Charles, Kate Middleton and Prince William Prince Charles, Kate Middleton and Prince William share a joke during a visit to Dumfries House on March 05, 2013, in Ayrshire, Scotland. Getty Images/Danny Lawson