Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock had a crush on each other back when they were filming “Speed.” However, they did not know about it until very recently. A new rumor has suggested that not only did the two actors know about each other’s feelings, they also secretly dated while filming.

According to the rumor, an “insider” has revealed that Reeves and Bullock continued to see each other after filming of “Speed” wrapped. They supposedly became close after spending a lot of time together.

A tabloid report that ran the rumor has suggested that Reeves “showered” his co-star with “gifts and sweet gestures,” and she “totally fell for him.” According to the rumor, the “couple” decided to keep this relationship a secret.

The source said that the “low-key” relationship lasted until 1996, when Reeves turned down the role to appear in the “Speed” sequel. He did it because he didn’t like the script, but Bullock reprised her role in the film. The “John Wick” star’s decision supposedly lead to a split between them.

The tabloid report went on to state that Bullock was “heartbroken” after Reeves refused to star in the sequel. She didn’t understand why he didn’t want to be in the sequel along with her.

Bullock, according to the insider, started to wonder whether Reeves was seeing someone else at that time. She felt “devastated” because she felt he “might be the one who got away.”

While the rumor sounds convincing, it has been debunked by Gossip Cop. The two stars have been friends for 25 years and one of the reasons why this was possible was because they never dated.

The issue of Bullock and Reeves having a crush on each other came up when the “John Wick” star was on “The Ellen Show.” The actor explained that the reason why he didn’t ask her out was because he didn’t want to date someone he was working with.

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