Ken Block
Ken Block In Russia GoPro

Ken Block and his monster Ford Focus RS WRC rally car were out on a mission in a Russian ski resort. Throwing up snowy rooster-tails, the iconic Ford rally car banzai'd the treacherous terrain of Russia's thick, snowy, forest stage at reckless speeds.

Delivering the same sensory-overloading experience as all his outrageous "Gymkhana" videos, Ken Block's latest winter run is his greatest demonstration of rally driving skills yet. Taking off from a lumber yard, Ken Block threads through a snow stage no more than 10 feet wide. Four-wheel drifts galore, action sports camera company GoPro made sure to capture only the craziest angles. Innumerable cameras were used to show off bullet-time shots and even a couple cameras were sacrificed in an effort to capture macroshots of Ken Block's sick nasty powerslides.

Classic Ken Block, the latest video from the Hoonigan is not without his trademark surprises. Emerging from the thickets, Ken Block enters a ski resort, messing up skiers with his turbocharged, all-wheel-drive snow machine.

Be sure to check out the ridiculous video of Ken Block in Russia, shot entirely by GoPro cameras, below: