SuperBowl XLVIII will mark Kia's fifth consecutive Super Bowl commercial appearance. The past Kia Super Bowl Commercials include hilarious dancing hamsters for the Kia Soul, “Space Babies” for the Kia Sorento and “Hot Bots” for the Kia Forte. For 2014, the South Korean automaker's Super Bowl ad will feature its new Kia K900 rear-wheel-drive luxury car. 

While the Kia hamsters and the space babies were extremely well received and were among the Super Bowl favorites, there's no way Kia can get away with their usual gimmicks to introduce their latest top-of-the-line luxury sedan. Something with a little more edge and a little more class will be necessary for the Kia K900. Enter Laurence Fishburne.

Actor Laurence Fishburne reprises his role as Morpheus from the movie "Matrix" for the latest Kia Super Bowl ad. Believe it or not, "Matrix" hit theaters back in 1999, exactly 15 years ago. According to the Super Bowl Commercials website, the new Kia K900 Super Bowl commercial will be a direct parody of Morpheus' famous "red pill, blue pill" scene.

Fishburne's role in the new Kia ad speaks volumes of the relevance of "Matrix" to this day. What's more, the new Kia Super Bowl ad's choice to recruit Laurence Fishburne's character also suggests the age group Kia is targeting for its new K900 luxury car. 

The Seattle Seahawks will play the Denver Broncos in SuperBowl XLVIII, on Sunday, February 2, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. Stay tuned as we learn more about the new Kia Super Bowl ad in the days ahead. In the meantime, watch the famous Morpheus "red pill, blue pill" scene from the Matrix below:


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