The killers of the 17-year old Irish teenager Keane Mulready-Woods might have purposely filmed the brutal act and posted online. The teenager’s severed head was found inside a burning car while his body parts were found in two separate locations.

Video footage of Keane Mulready-Woods’ final moment before he was brutally killed has emerged online, according to Daily Mail. Police theorize that the teen was decapitated and dismembered on Sunday night, January 12, in the town of Drogheda.

His body parts were later found at two separate locations in Dublin. There are speculations that the teenager’s severed head was supposed to be sent as a warning to alleged gang boss Cornelius Price but, for whatever reason, was left inside a burning car.

Ireland’s Gardaí police is still investigating various reports of images and videos of the killing that are currently circulating on social messaging apps, according to The Irish Times. However, police warned the public not to share the images and videos adding that these are unverified as of the moment.

“These images are unverified at this time,” Gardaí said in a statement.

Aside from being unverified, the police asked the public to be considerate of the deceased’s family. “They are distressing to Keane’s family and if verified are disrespectful images of the deceased and provide false support to the perpetrators of this brutal crime,” Gardaí said. “Gardaí are asking people not to share this material.”

On Monday night, a black bag containing limbs was found on Moatview Drive in Darndale. On Wednesday, experts confirmed that the limbs belong to Keane Mulready-Woods.

Another set of body parts was found early Wednesday inside a burning car near Foster Terrace in Dublin’s north inner city. Forensics are still carrying out DNA testing but many believe that these also being to the murdered boy.

Keane had been missing since about 6 pm on Sunday and was last seen near Dominic’s Bridge, Drogheda. Many believe that his death was in retaliation to Richard Carberry’s death, who was fatally shot last November as the rivalry between the two gangs in the area escalated.