If the Crossfit craze is literally driving you crazy and you feel those exercises are just not for you no matter how hard you try to like them, there might just be an alternative to work out and protect your body at the same time. "Fizzy Yoga" or rather, "Physiyoga" is the new hybrid exercise that is taking the fitness world by storm.

Kim Cattrall is the latest celebrity to join the "Fizzy Yoga" club and she credits it with saving her life. She even told "The Times" of London that she hasn't been so passionate about an exercise regime since Jane Fonda's "cult" aerobics classes of the 1980s. Cattrall also admitted that she used to rely on intense cardio exercise while appearing on the hit series "Sex And The City." But she realizes now that this method of heavy training before filming followed by zero workouts during taping was unhealthy.

Her wake up call came while she appeared in the play "Private Lives" two years ago. Her right knee buckled during the show, and even after months of therapy, she had trouble during normal exercises. In her search for an exercising routine that kept her famously fit body toned and healthy, she came across physiyoga, and got so hooked on it that when she went to London to star in the play "Sweet Birth of Youth," she asked her New York trainer/therapist, Diana Zotos to find her a physiyoga trainer in that part of the world and she introduced the actress to Helen O'Neill.

So what is this new fitness trend that has helped Cattrall overcome a sore knee, stiff sacrum, and large bruises while appearing in the play in London and was responsible of giving her the strength to go on stage every night? We've gathered up five things you need to know about "Fizzy Yoga."

1) Properly known as physio-yoga or physiyoga, the regime combines yoga with physiotherapy in a one-on-one session that includes massage, yoga poses, physiotherapy adjustments, and meditative breathing. "As I get older, I find that cardio is less important to me," Cattrall said in an interview. "What I want to do more of is intense stretching."

2) This workout isn't about burning calories. Altough you could burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories an hour, practicing the physiyoga is about strengthening, alignment and healing. "It helps to awaken certain muscle groups," said Zotos, whose clients have included everyone from avid runners to yoga novices to people seeking relief from neck pain. "If someone pulls something or feels sore, I have a full tool box."

3) "It's the safest form of yoga," added Zotos, reiterating the fact that instructors are trained in both physical therapy and yoga. "You're not going to get hurt." The customized yoga routine is hands-on and completely guided, she said, and Kim Cattrall agreed. "I'm not worried about injuring myself because a regular yoga instructor isn't versed in the way of the body like a trained physio is," the actress said.

4) Physiyoga is a personalized experience. Zotos, and most "fizzy yoga" trainers, evaluate clients and then create a personalized plan to help them strengthen and align their bodies, whether or not they have an injury, by retraining and rebuilding muscles.

5) The cost of a session of the more holistic approach to healing and strengthening the body, runs about $200 for an hour. Kim Cattrall reportedly does two sessions a week.