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Kim Kardashian is not too happy about her current beau being dragged into her drama with Kanye West. Kardashian has just recently been declared legally single by a judge after battling through a messy divorce with West since February 2021. The divorce had taken a toll on her relationship with Pete Davidson after West had ragged on and mocked Davidson online when the "Saturday Night Live" comedian made a series of posts on Instagram.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a source close to Kardashian said the reality TV star was upset over West’s attempts to drag Davidson into his drama saying her funnyman has been nothing but kind and that he didn't deserve her ex-husband’s public antics. Although Kardashian and Davidson have not publicly reacted to West’s latest punt shots at his ex-wife’s new man, the Kardashian source said, “The couple is very happy and hopefully over time Kanye will come to terms that Kim being happy is all that matters."

West recently released his new music video for his song "Eazy" which features an animated clay figure that strongly resembles Davidson in a scene where he was smoking and grinning before a bag is put over his head after which he was tied, and buried alive with his head sticking out from the ground. The scene then cuts to seeds being sowed and planted around the dig with roses sprouting around the claytoon character’s head as West then trims off the flowers and later drives off in a truck full of rose blooms reminiscent of West's recent Valentine's Day surprise he delivered to his ex-wife.

The song’s lyrics also name drops the comedian’s name in a line where West raps, "God saved me from that crash just so I can beat Pete Davidson's a**."

Not all of the rapper’s fans were amazed at the poor attempt to mock Davidson with many calling the music video disturbing.

Kardashian kept her silence on the matter and has refrained from making any public statements about the music video. However, she showed support for Davidson by clicking a thumbs up on a tweet recently shared by director James Gunn who had worked with Davidson on "The Suicide Squad." Gunn went out of his way to defend Davidson commenting how the SNL star is the nicest guy he knows. "For the record, Pete Davidson is one of the nicest, sweetest guys I know. A truly generous, tender & funny spirit, he treats everyone around him with respect," the filmmaker posted.

Kim Kardashian
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