Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West is reportedly charged with a lawsuit after allegedly backing out from a contract regarding her animated emoji and GIF brand.

In 2014, the social media influencer made a deal with app developer David Liebensohn and his business partners to make an emoji phone app. According to Liebensohn, an app they created, called CensorOut, caught the celebrity’s eye. And this led to the agreement to collaborate on the Kimoji phone app.

As part of the deal, Liebensohn and his partners were to receive a 60-percent cut of the profit, which Kardashian West agreed to, according to the complaint. The complaint also claimed that the model herself volunteered to take care of the trademark filing and to pay for the expenses.

However, the complaint stated that after the negotiations, the 38-year-old socialite accused a partner of Liebensohn of sharing some of her personal information. And thereafter, she dropped out of the deal. The complaint also claimed that Kardashian West tried to pressure Liebensohn into withdrawing the suit. Liebensohn, however, refused.           

On his part, the software developer claimed that the reality TV star was aware of the said sharing of her personal information even before the conclusion of the deal. Therefore, all this was a mere excuse to get out of it.

“The lawsuit filed against Kim Kardashian is ridiculous and absurd,” Marty Singer, lawyer of the reality TV star, told TMZ. “The parties entered into a binding settlement agreement 2014 in which Kim gave up multi-million dollar claims against Mr. Liebensohn and his partners. Mr. Liebensohn waited more than 4 years to claim the agreement wasn't binding on him,” he continued.

Singer also stated that in December last year, Kardashian West commenced arbitration proceedings and only after Liebensohn failed to stop the said proceedings that he initiated his “meritless” lawsuit.

The charge may cause Kardashian $100 million for the breach of contract and fraud, as well as for the profits that Liebensohn believes he has lost because he was left out of the Kimoji deal. 

However, “[w]e feel very confident we will get the case dismissed,” claimed Singer.