Everyone probably has experienced a situation where one needed to pee very badly but then there’s just no bathroom available. The situation’s probably harder for women, such as what happened to Kim Kardashian, who had to get creative to solve her bladder emergency.

The incident happened in a property located in Wyoming, which was recently bought by her husband, Kanye West. On “The Tonight Show,” Kardashian told host Jimmy Fallon that she was touring the ranch with her three kids when she realized that she needed to relieve her bladder. To her horror, there was no bathroom in sight.

But good thing there was a bottle. “My phone dies — there’s literally, like, no service, no nothing,” Kardashian told Fallon. “I’m peeing in a bottle because there’s, like, no bathroom. I’m just, like, losing my mind.”

Kardashian actually showed a photo of part of the property to the audience. She was playing a game called “Show Me Your Phone” with Fallon, and on the first round, the randomizer instructed her to show what Kanye West last texted her.

Kardashian gamely opened her last message to let the audience see the message, which she described as sweet. “West Lake, the first ranch in our family. 50 years from now this will mean so much to us,” read Kanye’s text, which also showed their property.

But the second round is even more interesting. The randomizer instructed Kardashian to show what she last searched on Google. She reluctantly showed it to Fallon after lamenting that she would have erased her search history if she knew beforehand.

And her query was not only shocking but a bit confusing as well. “Is shapewear with pee hole better?” was Kardashian’s last Google search.

Thus, Kardashian needed to explain why she made the search. “I just launched SKIMS and I’ve been debating if I need a pee hole and certain other things,” Kardashian explained.

“I think you’re the only person that googled that at all,” Fallon’s commented. Perhaps the idea of having a pee hole is not so bad, considering what she went through at their Wyoming ranch.

Kim Kardashian Photo of Kim Kardashian. Getty Images