The official “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Chapter 199 release date is still a few days away but a few spoilers about the upcoming manga installment are already making their rounds. It these are correct, it could end up pretty badly for Muzan as members of the Demon Slayer Corps will work together to take down the demon.

Based on the spoilers posted by Reddit user u/Crispytacos911, Muzan might undergo some sort of transformation that the Redditor calls Giant Baby Form. It is highly likely that Muzan will gain a temporary boost in power when this form activated.

Muzan will continue to attack Tanjiro while in this form. It will almost cost Tanjiro his life but, fortunately, Giyu Tomioka will be able to save him. However, he will lose one of his arms in his fight against Muzan.

After his unsuccessful attempt at killing Tanjiro, Muzan will try to make his escape by going underground. It makes sense because it’s already sunrise and going underground would mean that he will be able to avoid sunlight.

However, the medic team will unite to prevent Muzan from escaping. They will help Gyomei Himejima, the Stone Pillar, in pulling Muzan back up from underground.

The medic team will also pin Muzan against the wall with a bus. Himejima will then chain Muzan and the “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Chapter 199 will end with Muzan finally exposed to the sun. Read the full spoiler below.

“Muzan is perishing at the end of the chapter from the sun Stone chained him up to stop escaping,” u/Crispytacos911 wrote on Reddit. “Tanjiro lost an arm but Giyuu saved him from losing his life. Together they sliced up muzans giant baby form before he went underground. All the medic team working together by pinning Muzan up against The wall with a bus, even helping stone pull Muzan back since he only has 1 leg Chapter 200 should be the official confirmation of his death and probably his flash back. Unless Muzan conquers the sun.”

“Kimetsu no Yaiba” Chapter 199 will officially arrive on March 22.

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