There is this pretty insane rumor that Square Enix could cancel "Kingdom Hearts 3" before it even begins. The rumor popped up in gaming forums and have been running rampant since. But fans of the "Kingdom Hearts" series can breathe a little easier. It turns out that Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura are still planning to release the hit-game in 2014. Now if only they can give us an actual release date we would all be satisfied.

A report from Society and Religion squashes the rumors when an unnamed source reveals why Square Enix won't, and can't, cancel "Kingdom Hearts 3." The source said, "Nope, Square Enix needs money. Kingdom Hearts 3 is potential money. Square Enix will make Kingdom Hearts 3 to make money." Another question answered by the source was, "Another unlikely scenario is, could Tetsuya Nomura simply decide not to make a final game due to a lack of inspiration?"

Which is unlikely and the source agrees having said:

"No, Tetsuya Nomura loves working on Kingdom Hearts. He's already decided that once he's done with Versus he's only going to work on Kingdom Hearts game (and probably non-Final Fantasy games) Sora and Kingdom Hearts is like a second child to him. He'd probably only give it up if Disney decided it was over. Also if Nomura had no inspiration, he'd be told to find some or risk serious punishment for not being able to fulfill his duties as a director. Nomura knows what he wants to do with Kingdom Hearts 3, though. He's known for years, and has said as much in interviews."

The only way Square Enix could possibly stop "Kingdom Hearts 3" from getting released would be something extreme.

"Of course nothing is ever set in stone and hey Square Enix could suddenly crash and burn or Nomura could die or something. Kingdom Hearts III isn't about to be cancelled, though" said the unnamed source.

And besides "Kingdom Hearts 3" has been confirmed for release in the last half of 2014, well kind of. PS4 Cheats may have subtly confirmed that the game could be coming before the end of 2014, reports.

Kingdom Hearts was announced at Sony's E3 presentation earlier this year and no new news has been released since that time. Gamers are eagerly awaiting "Kingdom Hearts 3" after its predecessor ended with a cliffhanger that might be answered in the next installment of the series.

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