Many described it as a miracle when a koala, which was later named Arnie, was nursed back to health after suffering burns due to a bushfire. But then tragedy struck when the koala ended up dying at the hands of its rescuers.

Strangers were able to rescue a koala that was caught in a bushfire in East Gippsland, Victoria, according to Daily Mail. The creature, which its rescuers named Arnie, suffered minor burns on its hands and feet but survived the fire thanks to the kindness of the people who found her.

More surprising still is that its rescuers successfully nursed Arnie back to health. But a totally unexpected turn of events happened as it was another act of kindness from its rescuers that claimed the koala’s life.

Arnie died of drowning on dry land from the bottle of water that its rescuers gave to the animal so it could drink. To prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future, Animalia Wildlife Shelter is instructing kind-hearted strangers via its Facebook page the correct way to give water to animals.

The shelter placed no blame on those who tried to help the koala but highlighted that it’s probably for the best if would-be rescuers knew beforehand how to properly give water to animals. “They were just trying to help,” the group wrote on Facebook. “They didn’t know that it is dangerous for koalas to drink this way.”

Apparently, the koala’s position when drinking water is important. “They didn’t know that Koalas usually get most of their water via the gum leaves that they eat and they don’t often drink water, but when they do, they are face down and lapping small amounts with their tongue.”

What happened was that Arnie’s held its head back when it drank from the water bottle. As a result, it took in too much water which got into its lungs, which caused fatal Aspiration Pneumonia.

To be safe, place the water in a bowl and let the koala drink from there. “We're not saying don't give them a drink, we're saying don't pour it - it needs to be in a bowl,” explained shelter owner Michelle Thomas. “It is completely safe for them to have water out of a bowl.”