Kylie Jenner’s name has been in the headlines again lately around a month after she broke up with Travis Scott. Some rumors say that she has been hanging out a lot with her long-time pal Drake recently while other reports are now suggesting that the two might be on the way to being romantically involved.

Jenner broke up with Scott after two and a half years of dating, according to Metro. Given the recent failure of her relationship, it is but natural for Kylie to hang out with some of her longtime friends.

And that’s just what the makeup mogul has been doing lately -- hanging out with her longtime rapper pal Drake, who is also close to the Kardashian – Jenner clan. “He and Kylie have been spending time together recently,” an unnamed source told People. “They’ve been friends for a long time and Drake is very close to the family.”

For instance, Kylie was seen attending Drake’s 33rd birthday party that was held at the Goya Studios in Los Angeles last week. She also attended the rapper’s Halloween Party in West Hollywood, where the newly-minted billionaire reportedly stayed “super late.”

But, some reports are now saying that the two are getting romantic. According to a tipster, the turning point probably happened during the Halloween party.

“Kylie and Drake’s friendship did take a romantic turn recently,” Us Weekly quoted an unnamed source. “At his Halloween party, they were affectionate and clearly there together. They’ve been seeing each other romantically. He also showed up to Kendall [Jenner]’s birthday.”

Meanwhile, TV personality Wendy Williams claims that by Kylie Jenner – Drake dating rumors. In fact, talk show host says it is “inevitable,” according to Celebrity Insider.

For Williams, it is only a matter of before Kylie and Drake’s previously platonic friendship turned romantic that it shouldn’t shock anyone. “Oh, who is shocked? This is an inevitable thing,” the talk show host said.

Aside from William, there seems to be another person who is not too affected by the dating rumors. According to Us Weekly, Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend Travis Scott harbors no ill will toward Drake even if he is now dating his former girlfriend.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner TV personality Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott arrive for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 10, 2019, in Los Angeles. Getty Images/VALERIE MACON