The highly anticipated song by Shakira and Carlos Vives is finally here! The power duo collaborated for the first time ever in “La Bicicleta;” a song they described as “extremely meaningful” for them. The two Colombians even went down to their native country to film the music video and seemingly had a blast reconnecting with their people, dancing and enjoying the local food.

Vives spoke to the Associated Press and described working with Shak as “an absolute delight.” “The work was intense but also delightful. Both for Shaki and for me, being back in our territory, plus the emotional load that this had for us, it was wonderful. We were really happy riding our bikes, singing on our bikes,” Vives recalled.

The “Volví a Nacer” singer said  it felt like going back to his childhood, as they both wanted to “do everything barefoot.” “We were kids again,” he said. “Watching Shaki contented, happy, reuniting with her friends, with her people, I think that the video registered a very, very special energy.”

Vives went on to describe the song as having “a spirit of freedom and freshness” that also captures local sounds and “many elements from the region.”

The singer also explained that when Shakira listened to the song, she asked the singer if they could collaborate on it, and lucky for us, he said yes! “She loved the song and asked me if she could work on it with me,” he explained. “Shaki is a producer, Shaki is also a songwriter, so she gave the song her touch.”

The new song (“La Bicicleta”) is part of Vives’ highly anticipated upcoming album, “La Fiesta de Todos,” which will carry the same style the singer has become known for and is set to come out in 2017. “I keep myself in that music territory that we began exploring 25 years ago, I've always been there.”

Listen to the catchy and joyful song.