We never saw it coming, but it's quickly approaching and we're stoked! The Carlos Vives and Shakira collaboration that we've been talking about for the past month or so is a done deal. Vives and Shak have indeed worked in a new song and have indeed traveled to Colombia to film its music video. 

The forthcoming single, which will make its debut on Friday, May 27, is called "La Bicicleta." 

"I've always dreamt of writing, producing and recording a song with Shakira so that together we can show our Colombia to the world," Vives told Billboard. "She has taken our country's music to unimaginable heights, and finally being able to collaborate with her is a realization of this dream." This is the first time Shakira collaborates with a fellow Colombian.

The song, which was written by Vives and Shak, is part of Vives' upcoming fall album "Vives." With that said, here are some reasons we are very excited for the music video that was filmed in Barranquilla and is expected to air shortly after the single release this week!

1) Let's begin with the fact that we absolutely love Shakira and Carlos Vives. They are two of Colombia's renowned artists and seeing then collaborate together is a real treat for fans.

2) Yes, she released "Try Everything" for Disney's "Zootopia," but technically, the last time Shak dropped a music video was in 2014 with "La La La (Brazil 2014). ¡Ya nos hacia falta!

3)"La Bicicleta" is a catchy, danceable mix of vallenato, pop and reggaetón. It also has sensual parts with indigenous sounds.We can't wait to listen to the full track. Check out a preview below!

4) But of course, fútbol! Soccer had to be a part of this joyful collaboration. At least that's what we are expecting from a photo posted with athletes from two of Colombia's teams: Junior and Union Magdalena.

5) Their stroll in Barranquilla will allow fans around the world enjoy the beauty of the South American country.

6) The raspados in the single's cover art look very inviting!

7) And because in "La Bicicleta," Carlos Vives makes his comeback with the "daisy duke" shorts! Aca entre nos, that's what we're mostly looking forward to!