Silvia Navarro starred as "La Candidata" on the Televisa telenovela that challenged politics. The Mexican actress gave life to Regina, a congresswoman pushing the boundaries and fighting for women's equal rights in a country full of machismo and corruption. On the penultimate episode of the series Regina's life was in danger as her father pointed a gun to her head after she revealed she would prosecute him and send him to jail. The episode ended as the screen faded to black and a gunshot was heard.

At the beginning of the last episode of "La Candidata," we find out that Regina (Navarro) and Noemí (Luz María Jeréz) are fine, but it's Mario (Juan Carlos Barreto) who has received the gun shot. It is then revealed that he has become paralyzed and will no longer be able to walk or talk. Noemí decides to stay with him, to make him pay for all the wrong he did to her and actually listen to her now.

Natalia (Helena Rojo) is forced to end her relationship with José (Fabián Robles) due to their difference in ages. Although José doesn't want it to be that way, he tells her that she's the best thing that had every happened to him. 

Gerardo (Victor González) finds out that Regina's campaign is being backed up by drug traffickers, who contact him to negotiate with him, but he doesn't and puts all of his loved ones in danger. Ximena (Karla Farfán), Gerardo's daughter, is put at risk as the traffickers get a hold of her. When Gerardo asks Escalante (Arturo Ríos) to stop after the latter causes a shooting during Regina's rally, he starts taking him seriously.

Ximena starts bleeding, but luckily the baby she's carrying is fine. Gerardo is taken to a clandestine location, where Ignacio (Ari Telch), who was also kidnapped, is waiting for him. Ignacio was instructed to kill Gerardo to save his own life, but he is unable to.

In the meantime, Regina confronts Escalante and tells him that she knows that he caused the shooting at her rally. Escalante doesn't have a choice but to admit that he was behind it. Regina is taken away by him to where Gerardo is at.

Escalante threatens to kill Gerardo, but then turns to threaten Regina ... Gerardo runs, grabs a gun from one of the armed men and shoots at Escalante and all hell breaks loose. Gerardo and Ignacio receive lethal shots. Regina is able to free herself from harm, but has now lost the love of her life.

Cecilia (Susana González) ends up committing suicide by cutting her veins and drowning in a bath of water and blood. Teresa (Nailea Norvind) ends up going back to her old ways. 

Regina ends up winning the presidency, but right in the end, someone is pointing a gun at her. THE END!