'Tres Veces Ana' Telenovela Trailer
"Tres Veces Ana" is one of the most anticipated telenovelas of the season starring Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli. Watch an extended preview of upcoming Univision telenovela here! Televisa

Univision presented the telenovelas they plan on airing next season and to the delight of viewers, it includes eight brand new telenovelas. Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli star in "Tres Veces Ana," a production that will start this month. Executives at the Spanish-language network also announced various genres that include dramas, musicals and comedies. Univision has also added two biopics to their slate that will retell the lives of Jenni Rivera and Joan Sebastian. Read the summaries of the new shows below and tell us which one you are most excited to watch!

"Tres Veces Ana": This is a contemporary story of sibling rivalry featuring the return of power couple Boyer, playing triplets with very different personalities, and her real-life partner Rulli. After a car accident in their childhood, the mischievous Ana Leticia and handicapped Ana Laura are separated from their free-spirited sister Ana Lucia. The sisters' individual love stories, with three steamy admirers, will present challenges ultimately leading the sisters' lives to intertwine, for better or for worse.

"La Candidata": This timely, relevant and modern story promises to get audiences hooked. Camila Santamaria is a charismatic politician assumed to be dead after a tragic accident. Upon her return, she begins to uncover her husband's corrupt ways and ultimately decides to challenge him in a race to be the next president.

"Mujeres De Negro": This story features strong female characters who develop a radical plan to take control of their lives. Vera, Johanna and Kirsi have had enough of being taken advantage of and have joined together to kill their husbands and seek out new adventures. Finally free, the ladies did not expect that these new adventures would include close calls with both the criminal justice system and the criminal world. This dramatic tale will use dark humor to answer the age-old question: Is it possible to start again? And if so, at what cost?

"Vino El Amor": This telenovela, featuring the majestic vineyards of Napa Valley, California, brings to light the life of Mexican-Americans seeking not only the American Dream but also success with family and love. Vicente is depressed after having lost his wife in a seemingly provoked accident, so much that he begins to neglect his children and the vineyard he loves so much. His mother-in-law and supposed best friend try to take advantage of the situation to take Vicente's fortune, but their plans are disrupted by an unexpected arrival. Laura, a cheerful and spontaneous young woman who grew up on the vineyard with her father many years ago, returns to turn Vicente's life upside down. Through their love-hate relationship, Laura breathes new life into Vicente and rekindles his love for life and for his Napa Valley vineyard.

"Su Verdadero Nombre Era Dolores" (Her Real Name Was Dolores) – In a field dominated by men, a woman with an overwhelming personality breaks through based on her talent, tenacity and intelligence. "Su Verdadero Nombre Era Dolores" is the story of the perfectly imperfect woman, a single mother of five children, the "butterfly" of the neighborhood, who one day returns as "The Diva of Banda," the unrelenting Jenni Rivera. She captivated millions of fans with powerful and relatable music, and with a headline-grabbing personal life that often played out in the tabloids. This biopic series reveals the true woman behind the music and the headlines as told by her former manager, a man she publicly referred to as her fifth brother, Pete Salgado. Shot on location in Los Angeles and Mexico, fans will get Pete's previously untold perspective on the woman he knew, consoled and managed, to help her millions of fans understand the real woman behind the music.

"En la Vida de Joan Sebastian" (In the Life of Joan Sebastian) – This mini-series is based on the life of the legendary singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian. His love of life will be shared along with his passion for his music and his fans. Jose Manuel and Julian Figueroa (Joan Sebastian's sons) will play Joan's role at different stages of his life. Livia Brito will play the role of Maribel Guardia, one of Joan's true loves. This story will pay tribute to the "people's poet," as he is affectionately known.

"La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo" (Estela Carrillo's Double Life): Estela Carrillo is a music teacher in Los Angeles who finds herself as a key witness in a vicious murder case. Estela is forced to testify in favor of the suspect, Nathan Rodriguez, to conceal her own secret, that she is not in fact Estela Carrillo but rather Laura Oviedo, an undocumented Mexican immigrant escaping a dark past. Estela must manage her romantic temptations in order to focus on maintaining her cover as Estela Carrillo, while pursuing her American dream to become a beloved Regional Mexican singer. The key to her safety, however, will depend upon a dangerous quest to uncover the secrets of the real Estela Carrillo. (Primetime – Univision Network –Televisa)

"Canción de Mujer" (Song of a Woman): This new music-based multimedia competition will discover the next great female lead singer in the regional Mexican music genre. Contestants who are selected through a nation-wide casting will undergo a series of challenges in singing, dancing and other talents necessary to become the next big star. Each week, contestants will be eliminated by viewers at home via social and digital platforms and by a panel of celebrity judges. In the end, only one will survive and become the superstar. (Primetime – Univision Network)

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