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A 27-year-old drill rapper from Los Angeles was reportedly shot and killed after being followed into a New York pharmacy by a group of four men trying to steal his gold chain on Thursday.

According to the police, the rapper Avanti Frowner, who performs under the name Moneygang Vontae, was robbed of his chain and money inside Amazing Pharmacy on East Tremont Avenue near Arthur Avenue around 3:45 p.m. Thursday before one of the men shot and killed him.

"They don't need to be on the streets no more – ever!" Avanti's 56-year-old father, Roger Frowner, told New York Post. "If they kill somebody in broad daylight, inside of a store, they are treacherous." Frowner continued "They made a mistake. They did the dumbest thing they could ever do in life. And I hope God will make them pay for it all."

Moneygang Vontae, is a drill rapper from Los Angeles who previously resided in Chicago. According to police sources and his dad, he was in town for a show. His dad said that he had no idea Avanti was visiting the Big Apple until "his brother called me."

"My son is gone," he added. "He's in another state, and I can't do nothing. So you know, a big-a** hole is in my heart."

Moneygang Vontae and a friend from California accompanying him were buying over-the-counter eye drops at the pharmacy when two of the suspects approached, wanting to know if he wanted to buy some pot. The rapper declined. However, the two weed sellers and three others demanded his property and gold chain, which carried his signature nameplate, police said.

In the surveillance footage obtained by the New York Daily News, Vontae and a man wearing a white T-shirt and white do-rag are seen struggling inside the pharmacy as a terrified employee crouches behind the counter. An attacker pulls Vontae to the ground; three other suspects enter the store and pile on top of him while the drug store employees run down a staircase into the basement. One of the men hit Vontae over the head with a long umbrella. The do-rag-wearing suspect fumbles with a gun before he shoots Moneygang Vontae multiple times.

According to the police, Moneygang Vontae was on the floor of the pharmacy bleeding, the suspect fired another shot into his chest before he took off with "Moneygang Vontae" nameplate from his neck.

Representation image. Pixabay.