All celebrities of this generation have fans. From singers to athletes, the massive reception of media in all structures has bombarded us with tons of information that’s almost impossible to find someone with lack of fanaticism nowadays.

Recently we had a very charming conversation with Mexican famous actress and comedian Angelica Vale. Some years ago, while she was saying goodbye one her most important roles on TV, Letty, from "La Fea Más Bella," she was really inspired by the way her character had such impact and success among the public by just being a superstar fanatic. Months later, she came up with the idea of creating a project based on a woman who was profoundly devoted to a Telenovela star.

The results of this idea ended up as the new Telemundo Telenovela called "La Fan," a huge production that took years to develop but is finally here. It counts with producer Marcela Citterio and a long list of great actors that wil be a part of this different romantic comedy that will air on Tuesday, January 17.

During our chat with Angelica, she confessed how she came up with this idea that she was holding on for ten years until Telemundo embraced it.

When I finished La Fea Más Bella, I wondered why this project was booming. I concluded that in the end we all gave in to the dream that a “Galán” like Jaime Camil could come into our lives even if we're not a Cindy Crawford. I realized that we're all fans, and there's always someone who's our idol at some point. I tried to get this story out on several occasions and it didn't materialize until I got to Telemundo and they liked the idea.”

She also talked about casting Scarlet Ortiz for the Telenovela.

I didn’t have to do anything with the casting choice but since I was told I was going to be working with Scarlet Ortiz, I loved it. She handles the comedy perfectly and she’s super beautiful, perfect for this role. We needed someone like her, that could be beautiful but that also could make fun of herself and all the stereotypes about beauty.

Scarlet Ortiz is the villain of the show and is actually the main character on the Telenovela that’s been recorded within “La Fan.”

I was also excited about Gabriel Porras because at the beginning of the Telenovela conception I talked to him about the project. Then I found out he would be part of it and I was very excited.

About her co-protagonist, Juan Pablo Espinoza, she said he was the best thing that could've happened to her. Angelica described him as an excellent actor and a human being.

We love each other very much.

Certainly, everybody has had an idol and since Angelica has opened up about the topic, we wanted to know her opinion about idolizing. When can it be harmful? And, What message could “La Fan” expose about this topic?

In "La Fan," the main character is in love with the "Galan" of the Telenovela, but not with the person. Even when she meets him, she is disappointed because he is not what she thought he would be like. But love changes him in a surprising way when they meet. He becomes an incredible human being. So, in this case, not only is he influencing her life through the show, but she also changes him in a good way."

So, what about loving people with barely any artistic talent like most reality TV celebs?

I find it very difficult to admire someone like that, but for example I could say Caitlyn Jenner is admirable, because her bravery to tell who she was after all those years, it is something really venerable. I believe that fanaticism, as long as it doesn’t define your life, is not bad.

Angelica has that charming personality that not everybody on the entertainment industry has. She confessed herself being a Robert Downey Jr. fan and also told us her long time "Hollywood crush" is George Clooney.

The comedian also said she is really interested in writing new ideas for new projects in the future, much more if is for Telemundo, as she feels really welcomed in the network. She also confessed being really happy about the new movement from Latin actors to Telemundo, since she believes this company is really doing realistic Latino Television that reflects what Latin people in the United States are going through.

Telemundo is in a great moment and it’s part of all this Latin movement. I am happy that "La Fan" is inside the most important Spanish-speaking television station in the United States. I love being part of the movement and I like that other comrades are coming. Primarily, it is important to know that Latinos in the United States deserve a Television made in this country by ourselves. It’s not good to become a hybrid that nobody understands.

About this particular topic, we wanted to make sure everybody understands what's going on with Latino Television. So she also pointed out the reason why Mexican Telenovelas are not having the same success they used to.

For example, Telenovelas that are made in Mexico are very respectable, but don’t sell the reality of what we live here, it's completely different. They don’t reflect what we are living, it's a different generation, and Telemundo has been able to make a difference.

She also told us about how happy she is with her personal life.

I'm living a dream with my family and my mother, I'm super happy. I was away for some months because of this project, but now I'm back.

“La Fan” starts this Tuesday January 17 on Telemundo. Watch the trailer: