Angélica Vale makes her triumphant return to telenovelas as "La Fan". The comedic actress had been absent from the small screen since giving life to the lovable Leticia Padilla Solís in the hit "La Fea Más Bella". Since then she has been dedicated to small roles, growing her family and hosting different variety programs.

"La Fan" is a telenovela from the mind of Vale herself. The idea was derived from a passion project she had been working on for years. With the help of writer Marcela Citterio, the comedy is now a reality and it's set to premiere on Tuesday, January 17 at 8pm/7c. Read the full synopsis down below and tell us what you think in the comments section!

SYNOPSIS: People say one can’t escape one’s fate. People say we all have a story that is already written and nothing can change it. People say that what starts bad, ends bad. People who say these things don’t know Vale (Angélica Vale).

Vale is a cheerful, humble and simple woman, and a fan of famous telenovela actor Lucas Duarte (Juan Pablo Espinosa). The lives of Vale and Lucas cross path one day; by what people could call a work of fate, luck, and magic. While she is hidden inside a giant pizza costume, handing out flyers to promote the business where she works, she believes she saves the life of her beloved actor, but everything is just part of a novela scene. That marks the first encounter between Lucas and Vale, but not the only one. Lucas’ manager, Gabriel (Gabriel Porras) comes up with the idea of making a contest for all fans. And with a little “help,” Vale wins the contest. Extremely fascinated, Vale has lunch with Lucas. And this time, she ends up saving his life for real. And so Vale becomes Lucas’ personal assistant, his shadow, and his guardian angel.

Vale begins to know who the real Lucas Duarte is. His habits, obsessions and flaws and despite of that, she loves him more every day. Lucas begins to really know his fan. Her strengths, light and radiance. And, reluctantly, he begins to fall in love with her.

But every story has a past; a past that could transform this love story into an impossible one because even though they both ignore it, Lucas is the father of Tomas (Emmanuel Pérez) the late Lucia’s son. Tomas is a young boy that Vale is raising as her own since her friend died. Lucas turns out to be the recipient of Vale’s hate, for having abandoned her friend. Vale finds herself at a crossroads, divided in two, having to choose whether to listen to the cries of resentment out of loyalty toward her late friend or the love of the fan that she still is.