A new telenovela remake could possibly be in the works at Televisa. This time, "La Otra" is rumored to be the next production to be adapted. Although nothing is confirmed yet, rumor has it that Dulce Maria and Daniela Luján are in talks to play the leading roles of this soap. The telenovela calls for an actress to play two roles at the same time, which Yadhira Carrillo portrayed magnificently in the Ernesto Alonso-produced series. The original story is that they are not long, lost twins, but two women that have a strong resembles. Check out the character descriptions below and tell us who you think would be better as Carlota and Cordelia!

The leading character, Carlota, is beautiful but shy. She is repressed by her cruel, domineering mother Bernarda. She was born and raised in the city of Querétaro and has an older sister, Eugenia. Her father, Leopoldo Guillén, was rarely at home, but he doted on his two daughters. He died when Carlota was six years old. At 21, Carlota meets Alvaro Ibañez, a medical student who is doing his social service in Querétaro. They fall in love, and just when everything seems to be perfect for them, Eugenia dies in childbirth. Bernarda takes advantage of this situation to make Alvaro believe that it was Carlota who died. The loss of her love drives Carlota to take refuge in her mother, and she begins to paint masks, locked up in her own life.

Alvaro’s wife. She is identical in appearance to Carlota Guillen. She has a frivolous, calculating nature, and is capable of going to any extreme to secure the lavish lifestyle that her husband provides for her. She was born in a small town called San Pablo del Monte, a place she loathes and always dreamed of escaping. She sees Alvaro as a means to an end, and takes advantage of her striking resemblance to Carlota to conquer him. Her father Juan Pedro, her mother Matilde and her younger sister Apolonia also live in San Pablo. After their marriage, she gives Alvaro a daughter, Natalia, whom she does not really love. When she first meets Alvaro, Cordelia is coarse and vulgar, but she gradually refines her manners to be more like Carlota.