RBD ends historic Soy Rebelde Tour, what's next?
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After a whirlwind journey that redefined Latin pop, RBD's "Soy Rebelde Tour" concluded on Thursday, Dec. 21, marking the end of a monumental chapter for the iconic Mexican pop group.

The tour, encompassing over 50 electrifying dates, took RBD on a nostalgic ride across Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States, culminating in a grand finale at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

This spectacular end, at a venue that has hosted legends like Vicente Fernández, Madonna, and U2, fits with RBD's legacy. The group congregated an astounding audience of 390,000 fans during six nights at the Foro Sol alone.

Making history

The tour, produced by Live Nation and Soul Production Inc., stands as the second most lucrative Latin tour of 2023, trailing only behind Karol G's "Mañana Será Bonito". However, the significance of RBD's reunion transcends mere figures, offering a poignant counterpoint to the reggaeton and regional Mexican genres dominating streaming platforms.

It also confirms that nostalgia sells, and sells big.


Hoy se despide mi grupo favorito, nunca imagine que podia vivir este sueño que de niño anhelaba, verlos en vivo GRACIAS POR HACER ESTE EL MEJOR. Siempre estaran en mi corazon ❤️😭 #RBD #porsiemprerbd #cerquitadetirbd #mexico #estadioazteca #anahi #dulcemaria #christopheruckermann #christianchavez #soyrebeldetour

♬ original sound - Dickinson Altuve

An epic end at the Azteca Stadium

At the grand finale of RBD's Soy Rebelde Tour, a sea of 80,000 fans transformed Mexico City's Estadio Azteca into a vibrant replica of the Elite Way School. Clad in the iconic uniforms, complete with the trademark red ties and blazers from the 2004 hit telenovela "Rebelde", fans immersed themselves in the spirit of the show that started it all.


El momento más emotivo de este cierre. SoyRebeldeTour. El reconocimiento a Pedro Damián, creador de toda esta magia llamada #RBD #RBDEstadioAzteca

♬ sonido original - Raymundo Rosas

The dedication of the fans was evident in the details of their attire. Many sported the distinctive Mía Colucci hat, and some even went as far as to replicate her famous star forehead mark, showcasing the deep impact RBD and "Rebelde" have had on their lives.

The night was epic. Amidst the nostalgic ambiance, the members of RBD delivered an unforgettable performance, intertwining their music with the memories of their fans. More than just a concert, it was a celebration of a journey that began almost two decades ago.

What's Next for RBD's members

As RBD bids adieu to this chapter, the band's members are already embarking on diverse paths. Anahí, the beloved voice behind many of RBD's hits, has announced her retirement from music, choosing to leave on a high note. Maite Perroni, meanwhile, is gearing up for a dual role as producer and actor in an upcoming Netflix project, continuing her successful run in the streaming world.

Dulce María, a dynamic force in both telenovelas and music, continues to shine in her multifaceted career. Christian Chávez and Christopher von Uckermann, known for their acting prowess, have tantalizingly left the door open for future RBD endeavors. Uckermann's words, "Everything is possible," coupled with Chávez's revelation of new music, have set the fanbase abuzz with anticipation.

Por Siempre RBD on VIX
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In a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation, RBD is also embracing the digital age. The band's concerts will be streamed on Vix on December 25, allowing fans worldwide to relive the magic. Moreover, embracing the power of social media, RBD is inviting fans on TikTok to create celebratory videos, fostering a vibrant online community.

Adding to the excitement, May 2024 will see the launch of an exclusive RBD Barbie set, a collector's dream that pays homage to the band's cultural impact.

RBD's Soy Rebelde Tour, a reunion 15 years in the making, not only celebrated the group's illustrious past but also opened doors to an array of possibilities. While each member charts their individual course, the spirit of RBD continues to inspire and unite fans across the globe. As they say in showbiz, "the show must go on," and for RBD, this adage has never rung truer.

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