Karol G and Feid in video "Qué chimba de vida"
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Colombian singer Karol G has once again captivated the music world with her latest release, 'Que chimba de vida' (One Hell of a Life), a track that seamlessly blends personal triumphs and musical prowess. It also celebrates her hometown of Medellín, as Chimba means amazing in paisa slang.

Unveiled with only a day's notice on her Telegram channel, Karol G's latest song exceeds a mere musical release—it's a profound expression of gratitude to all the people that surround her, including her fans, for a year filled with fulfilled dreams and shared joy. More significantly, the track and its accompanying video mark a pivotal moment: the official confirmation of Karol G's relationship with Feid. This revelation, eagerly anticipated by their devoted fanbase, transforms the song into a momentous event, marking a new chapter in both their personal lives and musical journeys.

Karol G`s 'Que chimba de vida' in 2023

Karol G's 2023 has been a milestone, marked by a blend of musical evolution and notable achievements. The lyrics of 'Que chimba de vida' offer a gentler tone akin to "S91", but the message is similar, particularly in the chorus:

"Uff, what a hell of a life
I'm living the life I wanted
They spoke badly, I made them swallow saliva
This is for those who said I couldn't
And here I am, living a chimba de vida
I have the fuckin' life I wanted
Doing everything I dreamed of one day
No privacy, but good company, ah"

However, its accompanying video is the soul of the production. The dynamic showcase of her year's highlights is a heartfelt thank you to those who made it remarkable.

The video is a collage of significant moments: her duet with Alicia Keys in Colombia, a meeting with Rihanna at the Super Bowl and her attendance to Selena Gomez's birthday party, among others moments.

Notably, the video's pace slows to highlight her collaboration with Shakira on "TQG" and their shared stage moment when receiving an award, emphasizing the deep appreciation she has for her fellow Colombian star.

"Mañana será bonito"

The music video also celebrates the success of her 2023 albums 'Mañana será bonito' and 'Mañana será bonito (Bichota Season)', but also commemorates her groundbreaking U.S. stadium tour, a first for a Latina artist.

Packed with footage of intense workout sessions, rehearsals, studio time and meetings, the video illustrates the relentless effort behind Karol G's stellar year. This dedication culminated in her winning three Latin Grammy Awards, including Best Album of the Year and Best Urban Music Album for 'Mañana será bonito', a record-setting achievement as the first female artist to top the U.S. charts with a Spanish album. Additionally, her hit 'TQG' clinched the Best Urban Fusion/Performance award, further solidifying her status in the music industry.

Karol G and Feid's moment

On minute 1:38, the eagerly anticipated moment arrives: a tender photo of Carolina (Karol G's real name) and Feid (Salomón). Internet sleuths swiftly pinpointed the photo's origin to August 2023. They managed to connect it to an Instagram Story Karol G shared with the tag: post a photo taken by your favorite person.

When her photo with Feid appears in the video, Karol G sings "no hay privacidad, pero buena compañía" (There is no privacy, but there is good company.)

Karol G photo with Feid
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For the last year and a half, Karol G and Feid fans have been relentlessly looking for clues that confirm their relationship, which both artists had kept under wraps "as a way to protect it," as she said in an interview with Billboard this month.

Karol G's ever-present parents appear several times in the video, as well as her sisters and her baby niece Sophia, who was born in 2023. Her team is also there, as well as many moments with her fans.

A proven team and gratitude

The song was written by Carolina Giraldo (Karol G), Édgar Barrera, Andrés Jael Correa Ríos, and Marco Daniel Borrero, which explains the music fusion of corridos tumbados, tropical, and urbano. Barrera and Correa worked on Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny's "Un x100." Borrero was part of the team that participated in Karol G's "Mi ex tenía razón," a slow electronic cumbia.

Karol G ends the 'Que chimba de vida' video with a powerful message of gratitude to her fans:

"I want to thank everyone for joining me this year, for being part of so much happiness and so many dreams fulfilled... Without you, none of this would be possible." She added, "I wish the most beautiful things for everyone, and don't worry, if this year wasn't the year for you, we'll manifest it together so that the next and all the coming years are incredible years of fulfilling dreams and goals."

The words are totally on brand with La Bichota and her vida is una chimba.

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