Livia Brito stars in "La Piloto" telenovela that aired on Univision and is currently airing in México via Las Estrellas. The narcoseries that also stars Arap BethkeEduardo ColuchoAlejandro NonesMaría Fernanda Yepes, and many more is rumored to be getting a second season that would start shooting at the end of this year. As we wait for confirmation, relive the story with the official synopsis below and tell us what you think!

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Yolanda was raised in a slum where loss and abandonment marked her childhood. She was also a victim of her own beauty as she had to bear with men’s constant harassment, who lusted after her and tried to dominate her at all costs. Her fascination with airplanes is the only escape she has, so she resolves to become a pilot. She runs into a couple of barriers, though; she has no money and the pilot’s world is dominated by men. Given that, Yolanda naively asks for her godfather’s help, but he takes this chance to trick her and then abuse her, forcing her to run away.

Yolanda gets a job at Centroamérica Air, an airline, as a flight attendant. She ignores the airline belongs to a criminal group who uses it to launder drug’s money. She meets John Lucio there, a good-looking pilot owner of a light airplanes’ company and a partner of Centroamérica Air. Chemistry between them is undeniable so they hit it off immediately. The problem is that John is not really an executive but a brilliant trader of illegal business who works for the most important illicit organizations as an experienced pilot, which is being chased by the DEA. Yolanda accepts to work with him all the same, transporting millions of dollars in cash from one country to another. 

In parallel, the airline is under investigation by the authorities headed by the DEA’s agent Dave Mejía, who is undercover as Alberto Díaz. He is seduced by Yolanda’s beauty instantly. 

Time goes by and fooled by his old friend Zulima’s intrigues, John betrays Yolanda causing her plane to crash. She remains trapped in the jungle at the hands of colonel Santamaría, but eventually she manages to escape. 

Upon her return, Yolanda discovers John and Zulima are now paired off. this proves her that John betrayed her and sent her to her own death. Making use of her own intelligence and strength, Yolanda puts together a clandestine fleet made up by her loyal flight attendant friends, creating an airline of beautiful women who fly airplanes and transport illegal merchandise.

Soon later, life blows Yolanda again and she is shocked by betrayal, revenge, and death, which have marked her destiny ever since she was born. She is chased by men once more. One of them wants to subdue her, the other one wants to catch her and killer her. At this point, she should decide whether to start her life again and confront her past once and for all, or keep running away from it. Yolanda can only trust her inner strength and become aware that keeping on with her struggle and risking everything to achieve her freedom is totally worth it.