'La Querida Del Centauro' Season 2: Ludwika Paleta, Humberto Zurita Return In Hit Telemundo Series

'La Querida Del Centauro' Telemundo
"La Querida Del Centauro" has been confirmed to return for a second season and a new actress will join the cast. Find out more here! Telemundo

At the Telemundo Upfront, it was confirmed that "La Querida Del Centauro" would return for Season 2. The hit series starring Ludwika Paleta, Michel Brown and Humberto Zurita will come back to tie things up after the intense cliffhanger viewers were left with during the Season 1 finale.

"El Centauro" managed to escape and we will see what happens after. Actress Sandra Echeverría is also joining the cast of the show.

Season 2 of "La Querida Del Centauro" will tell the story of Centauro’s revenge on Yolanda, his former mistress, and Gerardo, the detective who sought to bring him to justice.

After being on the run from the authorities for two years and tired of the bloody war between his cartel and his rivals, Centauro decides to fake his and his son’s deaths. This way, he will be able to rebuild his empire without the police after him and more importantly, this will allow him to carry out his plan for vengeance.

Upon hearing the news of the deaths, Yolanda and her daughter Cristina, as well as Gerardo and his adoptive son, Gato, are able to return to Mexico from Canada, where they have been living under the Witness Protection Program.

But it will not be an easy return for Yolanda, since el Centauro will use all of his cunning power to destroy her and her loved ones in his quest for revenge.


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