'La Voz Kids' Telemundo Premiere
A new season of 'La Voz Kids' premieres Sunday night on Telemundo and these are the reasons why you should watch. Telemundo

Telemundo is bringing back "La Voz Kids" for Season 4 of the musical reality competition. Daddy Yankee, Natalia Jimenez and Pedro Fernández are the three coaches that will be choosing the best talents as they audition. Jorge Bernal is back as host and will be joined by Paty Manterola. As you know, the program starts with the Blind Auditions that we all love. This is where the coaches can only listen to that voice of the kid performing and if they like what they hear, the push the red button sending the coach spinning around to have the child's identity revealed. We're pumped for the premiere this Sunday night and these are the reasons why:

1. Wild Card: This year, the show is introducing the "Wild Card" which is where fans will be able to save for their favorite contestants. In seasons pasts there's always a kid that gets dropped from the show and viewers wished they had the opportunity to give them another opportunity. With this new feature on the program, we won't have any excuses if our favorite one goes home.

2. Paty Manterola: We loved Daisy Fuentes hosting the show, but Paty maks a great replacement for the original host. Manterola will bring new life to the program and Sunday night's on Telemundo.

3. Pedro Fernández: The Mexican singer is a legend. He has been performing on stages since he was a young kid. His insight to the show and coaching the kids from his team is of great value.

4. Daddy Yankee: We like that Daddy Yankee is of a completely different genre to the other coaches. His urban music is a genre that can be under represented on reality shows like these. Hopefully there will be a kid this season that likes his tunes and have Yankee as their mentor.

5. Natalia Jimenez: We love that Natalia is on the panel as she brings excitement and a different perspective to the show. We also love to see her fashion style week after week.

6. Behind-The-Scenes: Fans of the show will be able to visit the official website to watch more content and all the action that goes on before and after the show. The digital media that Telemundo provides is like no other experience with digital reporter Caeli Santa Olalla bringing all of what's happening.

7. Kids: This show is all about the kids and the talent they bring to the show. We can't wait to meet each and everyone one of these singers and get to know them more, seeing them grow as artists and rooting them all the way through to the final.

"La Voz Kids" Season 4 premiere will air on Sunday, April 17 at 8pm ET/PT on Telemundo.

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