Is Pedro Fernández the fastest recovering patient ever? The former "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" star has just been confirmed as the coach of Season 3 of Telemundo's "La Voz Kids," completing the trio of coaches. The new season for the reality show also did away with Prince Royce, who coached the winners from the first two seasons, and Roberto Tapia and kept Spanish singer Natalia Jimenez and introduced Daddy Yankee to the team. "I’m proud to bring my experience forward to the next generation of talent," Fernández said. "The previous seasons have proved to uncover raw talent and I look forward to being part of the molding of these young stars."

Maria Lopez-Alvarez, Senior Vice President of Alternative Programming at Telemundo, said, "Pedro’s successful music, television and film career makes him a perfect addition to 'La Voz Kids.' Having started his career at an early age and his long standing success, serve as an inspiration to the contestants for what they can achieve through this platform." Pedro is one of México's most notable singers and actors and shocked fans of "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" late last year when he announced that he was quitting the Televisa production due to health issues. "The truth is that it's been five months of an intense rhythm of work, I have lost a lot of weight and my doctor recommended to lower the rhythm," Fernández told Javier Poza on his Radio Fórmula show. "I need to take care of myself and it saddens me leaving the project like this for respect to my fans, but my health is first."

So was he really sick? Rumor had it that Pedro's wife was not too keen on seeing her husband kissing the bombshell protagonist Marjorie De Sousa and gave him an ultimatum, or he quit the telenovela or she was leaving him. Fernández opted for his family and has joined the kid-friendly show. What is odd though, is that this production is set to tape in Orlando, Florida. Wouldn't that strain his ties with his family who is based in México? Maybe the trip to Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World was too good to pass up on? Whatever the case may be, we are glad that Pedro Fernández has "recovered" from his health issues and is ready to start spinning in his chair looking for the next great talent. Let's hope that all that spinning doesn't cause him too many headaches and make him feel queasy.