Lately, Lady Gaga has been in the headline as speculations on whether or not she already found a new man arose after she was seen going out with Dan Horton in a PDA-filled brunch date. But recent reports are putting a different yet interesting spin to the story — that the singer was just doing it to make Bradley Cooper jealous because he’s not yet ready to commit.

The story about Lady Gaga trying to make Cooper jealous came from Star magazine, according to Gossip Cop. The magazine reported that Gaga and Horton’s lunch date at a Granville restaurant was merely to show the world that she’s got a new man.

“He’s no Bradley but they were a cute couple together,” Star quoted an unnamed source. “I think she wants the world to know that she’s with him and not Bradley Cooper.”

But the magazine reported that it may just be the singer’s ploy to make her “A Star Is Born” co-star jealous. “Gaga knows how to play the game,” Star quoted yet another unnamed source. “She’s dating Dan in a bid to make Bradley realize what he’s missing.”

Another publication went even further than Star’s story and offered a possible reason why Gaga started dating Horton in the first place. This time, In Touch wrote that Gaga ditched Cooper because he’s still not ready to commit, reported Gossip Cop.

“I think a part of her was trying to make [Cooper] jealous,” In Touch magazine quoted an unnamed source. “She wants him to see what he’s missing.”

The supposed tipster also revealed that Gaga hoped that making Cooper jealous might force him to make a move. “Maybe then he’ll finally commit to her,” the sourced added. “But also, she can’t sit around and wait forever, so she’s trying to move on.”

The story went on to say that Dan is just a distraction. “They’re [Copper and Gaga] meant to be together,” the source said. “Dan is just a distraction, but Bradley is the real deal. Trust me, Bradley isn’t about to let her slip away,” the source added.

Gossip Cop got in touch with someone close to Gaga, who confirmed that her date with Horton was never a ploy to make Cooper jealous. The site concluded that the singer’s new relationship is not fake at all and that it has nothing to do with Cooper, who’s just a close friend.

Gossip Cop also wrote that In Touch’s article was a “phony story.” Both Gaga and Cooper were never romantically involved to begin with, which makes the plot about Cooper’s supposed commitment issues irrelevant.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform onstage during the 91st Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on February 24, 2019, in Hollywood, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images