Lady Gaga recently went public with her alleged new beau. While some saw it as a mere public declaration of her new romance, some saw it as a PR stunt meant to chase away rumors of her romance with Bradley Cooper.

Since they starred together in “A Star Is Born,” Lady Gaga and Cooper have been rumored to be in a secret relationship. Despite their denial, the alleged affair has continued to stay in the rumor mill. Speculations even grew rife when Cooper’s longtime partner, Russian model Irina Shayk, confirmed her split from Cooper back in June.

Amid all the rumors linking her to Cooper, Lady Gaga took her fans by surprise when she went out with a new guy last week. The singer was photographed kissing her date in a restaurant in California, and those who spotted her could tell that they’re more than just friends. It turned out that the guy was Dan Horton, an audio mixer who has been on Lady Gaga’s team for years now.

“She likes to date men on her team … She is known as a workaholic, so it fits her lifestyle to meet someone while working,” a source close to Lady Gaga said.

The source revealed that Lady Gaga’s relationship with Horton is still in the “beginning stages,” but she’s already planning to move slowly with him. “Gaga has real chemistry with Dan,” the source said.

“They have been seeing each other for weeks and have been working with each other for a while. They have been working on new music, have spent hours of work time together and became really close. They’re working very closely together at a home studio in Hollywood, and sparks just started flying,” the source added.

The source went on to say that after months of being linked to the wrong guy, Lady Gaga finally feels free to date. “They seem like a pretty good match,” the source said, referring to Lady Gaga and her new boyfriend.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that Lady Gaga’s display of her new beau could just be some sort of a PR stunt. One report pointed out that Lady Gaga simply wanted to shatter the fantasies of fans who wanted to see her and Cooper together for real, so she’s using Horton to shot down all the romance rumors linking her to Cooper.

While only time can tell if Lady Gaga is just using her recent affair with Horton to dismiss romance rumors with Cooper, it looks like the rumors between the “A Star Is Born” co-stars aren’t true after all. As the source stated, all the talks of Bradley were all in fun. “She’s ready to dispel those rumors once and for all.”

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform onstage during the 91st Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on February 24, 2019, in Hollywood, California. Kevin Winter/Getty Images