In 1991, David Icke pronounced himself as the son of the Godhead, giving up his career as a journalist, television host and sportscaster in order to save the world. Icke proclaims that the world is being overrun by a group of alien lizard overlords called the Babylonian Brotherhood, who have bred with humans and have controlled the very fate of humanity. Allegedly, some of these human-lizard hybrids that walk among us are those we hold in high-esteem and respect: celebrities.

Time and time again, reports of these lizard hybrids have arisen, but no proof has been presented except for mere theories and rumors. Numerous publications have slammed back at the baseless gossip, but the overall speculation presents some good entertainment. From Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez, here are five celebrities rumored to be shapeshifting lizards.

Lady Gaga

The Mother Monster is a lizard monster according to believers of Icke’s tale. The award-winning singer is hypothesized as part of the Brotherhood due to her eccentric demeanor, even more eccentric fashion sense, and a YouTube video that is claimed to have caught her blinking sideways.


Beyonce was rumored to have been caught shapeshifting at Serena William’s wedding ceremony in 2017. A publication retold the story from a security guard at the event, who was horrified at what he had seen, calling it a “horror show.”

“She was under five foot tall, pudgy, covered in greasy feathers and scales,” the source described. “She gave off a real mean demeanor, like she’d tear your flesh, rip your face off if you gave her half a chance,” he continued.

Jay - Z

In the same year as his wife, Jay-Z was also reported to have been caught shapeshifting in public. In a flight supposedly headed to Los Angeles from New York, the music mogul had allegedly lost control of his shapeshifting capabilities, getting angrier and angrier as more attention was drawn on him. Numerous eye-witness accounts were marked in the publication where the story was published and screenshots from Twitter about how horrific and frightening the experience was.

Justin Bieber

Also in 2017, there were reports of Justin Bieber being seen shapeshifting twice in Australia. Bieber allegedly “traumatized” fans after shapeshifting into his so-called native lizard form. The day after, he once again took to his “full female reptilian form” and was sighted by a local skater.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo is also reported to be a part of the alien brotherhood, as seen by multiple reports of shapeshifting during interviews. Pictures and videos of her eyes are repeatedly highlighted, pointing out the seemingly split-like irises, akin to that of a reptile.

Lady Gaga Photo of Lady Gaga. Getty Images