Lady Gaga’s Next ‘ARTPOP’ Single To Be ‘Aura’; New Song To Be Released October 8, Listen Here!

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It has been revealed that Lady Gaga's new single for her upcoming album, "ARTPOP," will be "Aura." Hypable is reporting that "Aura" will be released as a lyric video on Vevo October 8. They also report that Gaga's next single will be used to promote her first acting role in "Machete Kills," which releases in theaters October 11. The new song is actually used in the TV promo for Robert Rodriguez's next installment of "Machete." Watch the video below to get a quick listen to Gaga's latest single "Aura."

If you remember back in August, a song was leaked on the Internet which was reported as a song from Gaga's upcoming album "ARTPOP." The song was called "Burqa" at the time and sounds identical to the song from the "Machete Kills" TV promo ad. Gaga did admit last month at the iTunes Music Festival that the leak was indeed authentic and hinted that "Aura" could be the next single to release for her forthcoming album.

Lady Gag's latest album "ARTPOP" will release on November 11 and include both singles "Applause" and "Aura." The latest single for "Machete Kills" gives the film an awesome wester feel while Danny Trejo, Machete, serves lots of ass-kicking on the orders of the President (Charlie Sheen). Gaga herself also pops up to give a glimpse of her character's skills with a gun; she is one of several actors to play the character "the Chameleon" in the film.

Catch the trailer for "Machete Kills" below? Will you be going to see the second installment of "Machete" this next Friday?

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