The Los Angeles Lakers season may be coming to an unceremonious end with the team continuing to lose games even on their home turf.

The Lakers lost to the New Orleans Pelicans by a wide margin although the turnovers that LeBron James and Russell Westbrook committed are notable. Hence, it may hardly come as a surprise that Lakers fans, known for their rowdy nature would get under the skin of several players.

James, Westbrook and Trevor Ariza had enough of the bashing and were seen exchanging words with a fan. It appears that same fan was escorted by security guards out of the arena but that hardly helped the Lakers’ cause.

Worse, another fan was able to capture team owner Jeanie Buss leaving the arena in the third quarter with the Lakers down by 25 points. While it is possible that she had something else to do, the timing was suspect.

With yet another loss, the Lakers may find it hard to make it to the playoffs without worrying about the play-in tournament. Their games are trimming down and with Anthony Davis out for at least 5 weeks, things are not looking good for the purple and gold.

James is running out of answers and was in no mood to talk to reporters following that embarrassing loss to the Pelicans. He had no answers on their loss but did say that if questions were for the future, it is something they need to figure out.

“I don’t have an answer for tonight,” James said. “If we’re talking about the future, that’s for us all to figure out. You don’t know what can happen in the next few weeks, but tonight from the six-minute point in the second quarter through the third, no answers.”

With yet another season seemingly headed nowhere, the Lakers will have a lot of things to talk about. Heads will roll. But the biggest question is will James still be around in the coming seasons.

LeBron James
James previously missed several games this season due to several injuries, including an ankle injury that kept him from playing twice in October and an abdominal injury that cost him eight games. Getty Images

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