Landing Gear From 9/11 Airplane Found Stuck Between NYC Buildings, Says NYPD

9/11 Wreckage Landing Gear
Landing gear from a 9/11 aircraft was found wedged between two buildings in New York City. Twitter/@RickLeventhalFoxNews

Landing gear from an aircraft that struck the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, have been found wedged between two back-to-back buildings in New York City's Financial District, according to the NYPD.

The twisted metal was found stuck in a very tight crevice between 51 Park Place, near New York City Hall, and 50 Murray Street directly behind it. The buildings stand no more than three blocks from the former site of the Twin Towers, which stood between the West Side Highway and what was formerly Greenwich Street. The area of the World Trade Center site is currently surrounded by plywood and barricades as workers continue to construct the new 1 World Trade Center.

Noting the "thousands of lives suddenly ended by evil," as referenced by then-President George W. Bush in his nighttime address to the nation, the NYPD will reportedly investigate the area of the discovered 9/11 landing gear and process it as a crime scene.

Surveyors reportedly hired by the owner of 51 Park Place discovered the wreckage and notified law enforcement around lunchtime on Friday. Channel 7, the New York ABC affiliate, reported that a Boeing identification number is visible on a piece of the wreckage.

FOX News reporter Rick Leventhal tweeted a picture of the extremely tight opening that revealed the wreckage.

Much of Lower Manhattan was devastated on that fateful day, and investigators combed the World Trade Center site for human remains and survivors. The NYPD told ABC that they would decide whether to search for similar remains after they fully investigate the scene.


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