Larry Hernandez
Larry Hernández is a free man! YouTube/Univision Noticias

Mexican singer Larry Hernández was arrested on September 25 at the Ontario International Airport in California after being accused of kidnapping, aggression and extortion by José Andrade.

On September 30, it was confirmed that Hernández was going to be extradited to Newberry, South Carolina, where it all happened, to continue with the case. On Monday, People En Español revealed that the singer’s lawyers had managed to postpone the extradition and that he would stay at West Valley in Rancho Cucamonga, California until further notice.

On Sunday, Larry’s partner and mother of his children, Kenia Ontiveros, arrived at the detention facility accompanied by his mother, Manuela Ceniceros. Univision’s “Sal y Pimienta” reported the singer’s family was scheduled for visitation at 10:30AM but after waiting inside for 20 minutes, they were asked to evacuate the building, “I don’t know what happened, they closed the doors and then they said there was a code red but they didn’t explain anything to us. And you could tell we had been there for a while, but then they said no visitors,” Ceniceros told the cameras.

On the other hand, Ontiveros was asked about more personal matters, including her kids, the singer’s condition and the alleged frozen bank accounts, “Nothing is frozen just yet,” she replied when the reporter mentioned money was clearly needed at home and during these hard times.

When she was asked if the kids questioned her constantly about the whereabouts of their dad, she replied: “Yes of course, like always, but they are used to him working a lot.”

Doña Manuela revealed that Larry is not incarcerated with other criminals and that he seems to be OK, “He is good. I see him doing well. I don’t know if he is doing it to cheer me up, but I’m OK too.” When she was asked to send a message to the accusers that are putting her son through this, she said: “Well, to do things the right way. To touch their hearts and that they don’t do things that are not.”

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