Larry Hernandez, Kenia Ontiveros Pregnant With Baby Girl! 3 Names Mexican Singer And Wife Could Name Her

Larry Hernandez
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Larry Hernandez is about to become a father for the fourth time. The Mexican regional singer is only days away from welcoming his newborn into the world. But the question on everyone's mind is: what's the sex of the baby? Larry and wife Kenia Ontiveros have been keeping the secret for a while now, because they wanted to make the big reveal during the season 2 finale of "Larrymania," the singer's hit reality TV show, which airs on mun2. The baby, due in late December, will join big brothers Larry Jr., 11, and Sebastian, 7, from a previous relationship, and sister Daleyza, 3, Larry's first child with Kenia.

After a long wait, it was revealed on Sunday night's finale that the baby is another girl! "I am thrilled that it's going to be a girl!" Hernandez told People Magazine, adding that he and Ontiveros were both surprised to learn they were expecting a daughter. "A lot of people said it was going to be a boy," Hernandez said. Kenia added, "All of our family and friends said it would be a boy - even Larry thought so ... When I found out it was a girl, I was shocked."

Ontiveros also told People how she told Larry the big news. "Larry was on tour at the time and asked me not to tell him over the phone, but rather in person," she said. "When I saw him at the airport, I asked him to take a guess. He quickly replied, 'It's a boy' and I said, 'No, it's a girl.' He was very surprised, but he was also completely overjoyed." As for the names, Hernandez had previously revealed he had a list of boy names and girl names, and now that we know the sex, Dalary, Dayana and Victoria are the top three options for the couple.

Hernandez says he likes names that start with "D" and he made up the name Daleyza. However, we might be surprised if he goes in a different direction and names the baby Victoria. What do you think? How should Larry and Kenia name their future baby? Which name do you like the best? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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