The Latin movie industry was a total success this year. We really enjoyed great films directed by, produced by or starring Latinos who raised our voice through big screens everywhere.

We have listed 11 of the best films that you may have missed during this year and that definitely have Latin American or US Latino content with great messages and acknowledges for our community.

Some of these films had been outside of their respective countries being nominated on big festivals around the world before they were released.  Most of these movies are available for you to watch them on Netflix or iTunes.

Here are some of the best productions you should watch before 2016 runs out.

Flor de azúcar

Director: Fernando Báez/ Country: Dominican Republic

This Dominican film narrates the life of a Dominican and Haitian farmworker couple that struggle when the husband is forced to run away after killing a guard involuntarily. After a year of being hidden away, he decides to return to his town and meet again with his wife and daughter.

Videofilia (y otros síndromes virales)

Director: Juan Daniel Fernández/ Country: Perú

Narrates the relationship between two unsociable young people, who only communicate through Internet. Junior is obsessed with Mayan prophecies of the end of the world and when finally meets Luz in person, the film leaves open the possibilities to suggest the end of the world through Junior’s eyes.


Entonces Nosotros

Director: Hernán Jimenez/ Country: Costa Rica

Selected as the Costa Rican entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards, this movie is a romantic comedy focused on the story of a couple who struggle on their relationship and decide to go on a journey trying to fix their problems. A third character appears complicating everything even more.


“You’re killing me Susana” (“Me Estás Matando Susana”)

Director: Roberto Sneider/ Country: México

Based on the “Ciudades desiertas” novel, this production tells the story of an actor who receives a scholarship to study abroad and his wife follows him to maintain their relationship alive. This move caused more problems for the couple making the situation turns sour and awkward.


Director:  Jonas Cuaron/ Country:  France, México

This is the story of a trip crossing the US border illegally and how the travelers get in trouble when a rifle wielding vigilant follows them.



Director: Pedro Almodovar/ Country: Spain

Pedro Almodóvar movie is a parallel tale that narrates the amazing life story of Julieta in opposition to the tragic life of another Julieta, both stories narrated on different eras.   


Director: Paddy Breathnach/ Country: Cuba, Ireland

Even though, its production year was on 2015, this movie was strongly commercialized on 2016. “Viva” tells the story of a gay young man from La Havana Cuba, and how he struggles to survive between the poverty, his willing to be a night entertainment dancer and the lack of love from his family.


Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer

Director: Enrique Begné/ Country: México

Tired of his wife, Paco had a plan to end his unhappy union forever. Right after he executes the idea, everything starts to get really bad.


Einstein in Guanajuato

Director: Peter Greenaway/ Country: Germany, México

Is a gay-themed film based on the biography of Russian film director Eisenstein, who is famous for bringing to the screen “Battleship Potemkin” in (1925).


El Acompañante

Director: Pavel Giroud/ Country: Cuba

Narrates the friendship between a former Olympic boxer and an HIV positive patient while  he receives hospital treatment and the former player is assigned to be his company.


El Ciudadano Ilustre

Director : Gastón Duprat & Mariano Cohn/ Country: Argentina

This beautiful film tells the story of an Argentinian famous writer living in Spain who is invited to his hometown to receive an award.  He travels back there after all this years and his past life comes to the present.