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Grupo Fantasma's new album has an awesome cover of the Beatles "Because," redone in Spanish ("Porque") and a snazzy bolero style. That got us thinking -- who else has done Latin versions of Beatles songs? Grupo Futuro / Instagram

Austin’s funky Latin fusion band Grupo Fantasma has a new album , replete with a sabroso cover of the Beatles' ‘Because’ (the world is round...), which Grupo Fantasma wraps up in a post-modernist bolero “Porque.” It also has a a rock-n-roll-style tracks like “Esa Negra” that might remind listeners of Celia Cruz’s “La negra tiene tumbao,” with blaring guitars and plenty of cowbell. It’s hard to find Beatles songs streaming for free online, but the group has allowed NPR to offer a “First Listen” of all 11 tracks on “Problemas.”

NPR has allowed embedding on these tracks, you can listen to them in the players below. For all individual songs go to NPR’s First Listen site here, along with a listener’s guide. For the Beatles cover “Porque,” see below.

Of course Grupo Fantasma aren’t the first Latinos to take on epic (or hilarious) covers of Beatles songs. Just give you a taste we’ve picked a few more Mariachi, Bossa Nova and other Latin takes on the best of the Beatles.

“Because” --> “Porque” Latin fusion remix by Grupo Fantasma

“All My Loving” --> Brazilian style by Tamara Maria

“Get Back” --> Mariachi cover in English complete with a violin brass. Get back Loretta!

“Love Me Do” --> Faithful Spanish translation by Venezuelan cover band Los Buitres

“In My Life” --> Chilean Neo-Cumbia version by Villa Cariño

Latin Times: We almost included “Yesterday,” the reggaeton version featuring Pitbull. It was horrible though.

World: Thank you!

LT: No problem.

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