Latina Celebrities Over 40: 10 Successful Stars Who Prove Age Is Just A Number

10 Middle Aged Latin Celebrity Women To Praise In 2017
From Lucero To Jennifer Lopez, these successful women never stop achieving what they want. Getty Images

There's usually a lot of stigma once women reach a certain age, but these Latina celebrities are proving that being over 40 is not a big deal. They've learned new skills; they don’t follow, on the contrary they command and rise their own voice stating that definitely age is just a number. In the Latin community, we have a lot of examples of actresses, models, singers and entrepreneurs who embrace an ageless mindset and build their careers day by day, and we won’t stop seeing them grow with time. Here are just a few examples.

The singer, songwriter, actress and television host is unstoppable. After a long and successful career in acting and music she had a great challenge by being cast in a Brazilian soap opera called "Carinha de Anjo" where the actress was speaking Portuguese. Her new album “Lucero Enamorada Con Banda” will be released this year. Lucerito is 47. Getty Images
Sofia Vergara
Sofia is a star. She is clearly the soul of one of the best shows this time, "Modern Family." She also has a role in the new movie by James Oakley “The Brits Are Coming.” She got married just one year ago, she has an undeniable beautiful curvy figure and yeah, she is 44. Getty Images
Gaby Spanic
Even though she’s being prohibited to participate on any Telenovela or TV project due to a lawsuit held against her by TV Azteca, the actress never stops and she’s been producing 2 plays and just launched her own recipe book that's been selling really good. Gaby is 43. Getty Images
This 45-year-old Mexican star is one of the best examples of women who do not care about their age. She’s super energetic, delivers positive vibes and is always on point with her body and career. She has her own clothing line and new album for this 2017. Getty Images
Claudia Ramirez
We remember her from great classics like “La Pícara Soñadora” or “Los Parientes Pobres” and probably a lot of people thought she would be gone at this time but no, Claudia hasn’t stopped and keeps giving us her amazing acting talent through her latest Telenovelas. She had an amazing role at “El Hotel De Los Secretos” and you can also see her as the villain on “El color de la pasión” as Rebeca Murillo. She’s 52. Getty Images
Niurka Marcos
Believe it or not, the sensual storm, Niurka Marcos is 49. She traveled to Mexico looking for better opportunities and she found them. She’ll be lead character on Televisa's new Telenovela "Mi marido y su familia." Getty Images
Alejandra Guzmán
She’s been through a lot but she keeps fighting. Her personality allows her to fall and stand up fearless many times. Alejandra will be performing in June in a historical concert along fellow singer Gloria Trevi. She is 48. Getty Images
Jennifer López
Photo of Jennifer Lopez performing. Getty Images
Gloria Trevi
Gloria is the one and only. At 48 years old, this Mexican star never stops. She launched a new Christmas project two months ago, and now prepares a historical concert with Alejandra Guzmán in Los Ángeles. Getty Images
Araceli Arambula
After years of absence due to her relationship with singer Luis Miguel, she returned to what she does better: acting. Araceli debuted last year at “La Doña,” giving us one of her greatest characters ever. She is strong, optimistic and a great mother. The actress is 41. Getty Images