@kenztrujillo Tiktok video
@kenztrujillo Tiktok video @kenztrujillo Tiktok video

A Latina waitress posted a video on TikTok showing how she feels about customer who leave no tip for her coworkers.

"A bunch of bums"

In the video, you see @kenztrujillo synchronizing with the audio while rolling her eyes and rubbing her chin.

The video has gained over 34.6k views with more than 200 comments.

In the text overlay of the video, Kenz writes, "Me mumbling something near a table after hearing they tipped my coworker bestie zero."

This video sparked a lot of comments from the internet, as how leaving a tip or not has become a very popular debate.

Are tips required?

Here is what the comment section thinks:

Me saying "I mean if you dont know how to tip then don't go out fr" to my coworker as I walk past their table

saw someone give a waiter $1.50 after racking up a 175 bill lmao i can't stand people

I think a 15% minimum should be automatically charged to every bill. It's sad how often people don't tip

Some people on the other hand don't agree with the tippers.

If the service isn't good/ barely came to my table , I'm not tipping 😭 but I normally tip 15%-18% If they were attentive

I always tip..but some of y'all are so entitled tho I see people complaining about 20$ tips like what...go dance or something 😂

But youuu chose that job people don't gotta tip you😂

Tipping isn't required, y'all know what u guys are getting paid just get a better job, it's shitty but it's life. You can't rely on tips for rent.

Tipping ain't mandatory 😘 I use to serve you get more then the host or the COOKS be happy for having a job


Do you think tipping is required when you go out to eat?

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