Farruko pop murder
Courtesy Farruko Pop

The social media landscape has been struck by another shocking loss, this time that of 18-year-old TikTok sensation and aspiring singer, Farruko Pop. The young Latino influencer, whose real name was José Sebastián, was found murdered after being missing for several days, leaving his fans and the entertainment community in shock.

According to La Prensa Gráfica, Farruko Pop's body was discovered by Guatemalan authorities. It was buried in a clandestine grave within an abandoned house in Guatemala City's El Limón area. According to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences, he had been asphyxiated and was dead for approximately four to five days.

Who was Farruko Pop

Born Jorge Sebastián Pop Chocoj in San Pedro Carchá, Alta Verapaz, Farruko Pop's journey from a humble background to social media stardom was both inspiring and rapid. He adopted his stage name as a tribute to his idol, the renowned reggaeton artist Farruko. Despite facing numerous challenges, his unique voice and engaging content quickly garnered a large following on platforms like TikTok.

His big break came when he took part in a televised talent show, the Guatemalan edition of the talent competition La Academia. Although he did not win, his performance caught the eye of a judge who saw his potential and offered him a scholarship for singing lessons. This opportunity was cut short by his untimely death.

A Community in Mourning

The news of Farruko Pop's death sent ripples through his fanbase and the broader Latino influencer and Latin music community. He was beloved not only for his musical talent but also for his charismatic presence and the hope he embodied for many young people from similar backgrounds. His videos, which featured a mix of singing, humor, and insights into his daily life, often went viral, earning him thousands of views and a dedicated following.


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His music, a blend of cumbia, reggaeton, and Mexican corridos, remains available on platforms like YouTube. Songs such as "El Soltero Feliz" and "Hombre Normal" stand as a testament to his artistic promise and are cherished by his fans.

Farruko pop's murder

The murder of Farruko Pop has not only saddened his followers but also drawn significant attention from public officials. Guatemala's Minister of the Interior, Francisco Jiménez, expressed his condolences and his determination to ensure that justice is served. "We want to pursue the criminals with the full force of the law and prevent this case from remaining unsolved like so many others," he stated publicly.

Wrapped in sheets, his body was found two meters underground. The police and the Anti-Kidnapping Prosecutor's Office revealed that surveillance cameras had tracked his movements to the location where he met his tragic end. The scene also contained firearms, suggesting a violent altercation.

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