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Latinos are the demographic with the most people who have an unfavorable opinion of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

Concretely, 31% of respondents gave this answer, a higher amount that Asians (29%), Blacks (25%) and Whites (24%). An extremely small percentage said they had a favorable opinion of both (4%), while close to a third of the total had a favorable opinion of one but not the other. 32% said they had a favorable opinion of Biden and not of Trump, while the remaining 30% held the opposite view.

Latinos had the most evenly distributed views of both candidates of all ethnic demographics surveyed. On the one hand, Blacks and Asians had a larger percentage of people holding positive views of Biden in detriment of his opponent: it was 54 to 12% for Blacks, with 25% having an unfavorable view of both and 6% a favorable one. As for Asians, 44% had a favorable view of Biden and an unfavorable one of Trump, while 21% held the opposite view. 29% had an unfavorable view of both and 5% a favorable one of both.

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Latinos are the group with the most people disliking both Biden and Trump Pew Research Center

In contrast, Whites were the only group where most people had a favorable view of Trump and an unfavorable of Biden: 44% gave the answer that favored Trump, while 31% said the same thing but for Biden. 24% had an unfavorable view of both and just 1% a favorable one.

Age groups also showed relative parity, but dislike for both candidates increased the younger the groups surveyed were. "Younger adults are particularly likely to be "double negatives." About four-in-ten adults ages 18 to 29 (41%) have an unfavorable opinion of both Biden and Trump. In comparison, three-in-ten adults ages 30 to 49 and fewer than two-in-ten of those 50 and older dislike both men," the study showed.

The figures are consistent with general numbers, as 62% of all Americans "have an unfavorable view of Biden – nearly identical to the 60% of Americans who view Trump negatively," Pew showed.

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Overall views of the candidates Pew Research Center

Looking at partisanship, both Democrats and Republicans who firmly stand with one party like their candidate and dislike their opponent. However, figures drop sharply among those who lean toward that party, with a much larger group disliking both candidates.

"About a third of Republican leaners (35%) are double negatives, with an unfavorable view of both Biden and Trump," the study shows, the figure being 38% for those who lean Democrat.

Looking at former Republican candidates, registered voters who supported a candidate other than Trump (Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley) have a less favorable view of the Republican candidate. "Nikki Haley's primary supporters are especially likely to say they dislike both Trump and Biden," with over half (53%) expressing themselves that way.

"Among Ron DeSantis' December supporters, about three-in-ten are double negatives. Seven-in-ten have a favorable view of Trump and an unfavorable view of Biden," the survey added.

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