Laura Bozzo Blocked From Televisa? Controversial Host Allegedly Threatens To Reveal Dark Secrets

Laura Bozzo Ends Cristian Zuárez Relationship
The Peruvian television host found out that her man was cheating on her on a television show. Televisa

Laura Bozzo is always surrounded by controversy and this time she is reportedly taking Televisa to task. Before she was taken off the air the Peruvian host signed a 5-year contract with the Mexican network but it now seems that they are trying to rescind their obligation and cut ties with her. Bozzo is not one to mess with, being a lawyer in her native country, and is putting up a fight threatening to reveal dark secrets if her contract is not upheld. 

"Laura started threatening, not only with a lawsuit, but with other issues," a tipster told a mexican tabloid magazine. "She said that she would discredit the network, that she knew of bad management of certain producers and that she would bring to light a lot things that they would regret."

Bozzo recently became a Mexican citizen and took to social media to share her excitement. "I am happy, very excited that after many years I have my naturalization document that officially makes me a Mexican citizen with all the rights and duties that this implies," the controversial television host told Univision Entertainment. "When they gave me this document, the first person that I thought of was my father, he loved Mexico and when he died after my arrest his words in my soul, he told me to come here because it had good citizens and it's like my father has been here with me."

Laura Bozzo also had harsh words to say about the ordeal between Eduardo Yáñez and the reporter that was slapped for asking personal questions. "The press deserves to be respected," she said according to Univision. "I would never be like that Yáñez cool, that sad little actor that slapped a reporter." Bozzo also added: "How disrespectful, he should be in jail. If he doesn't want that on a red carpet, he should stay home or work in something else."

Bozzo, who just got her Mexican citizen ship also said: "If he doesn't like fame, leave, because the people that are in this industry has the obligation of sharing part of their lives and maintain them informed. If people want to know about me, I have the obligation of answering, without the people I am nobody and Yáñez would be nobody either, we are who we are because of them and if we don't give the people what the want, this doesn't work. To me, divas make me want to vomit, they sicken me, because they loose their path of who they are, the press has the obligation of informing. Without a doubt it's shameful, if this man thinks he's a diva, he should go home, the problem is what will he do."

Laura Bozzo's personal life had been center of scandal this year. The Peruvian host found out that Cristian was cheating on her when she was being interviewed on a television show via telephone. "I had no idea of this relationship of two years that Cristian had with this woman," she said on the show "Beto a Saber" via telephone. "I had no idea. I wish him the best." According to the "Beto a Saber" host, the woman is called Adriana Amiel and lives in the city of Miami. "Cristian has always been a good person, he was with me during hard times, but I had no idea about this and if this is true, it's fine," Bozzo said. "I never needed a man to get to where I am. My show comes out in August, I have a digital platform and a book that I'm finishing."

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