Laura Bozzo Show Canceled
The Peruvian talk show host made the decision to cancel her own show, but don't get too excited. Televisa

Laura Bozzo has made a shocking announcement that left everyone happy, but then quickly returned us to reality. The Peruvian host has seen her show struggling with ratings and wanted to make a radical change. Bozzo canceled her own trashy program because she can see that people are not responding like they did before. So what is that twist? That yes, her show as we know it is ending, but she will be coming back with a renovated format and will continue to appear on television.

"On December 31st the last showing of 'Laura' will be aired, that has been on-air on Televisa's Channel 2 since January, 24, 2011," the network said in a statement. "From this date, Laura Bozzo, who recently signed an extension to her exclusivity contract with Televisa, the design will completely change and will develop a new concept that will reinvent the production of her format to adapt to the expectations and interest of the audience."

"This pause in the production of Laura comes with the expressed petition of Laura Bozzo, conscious of the evolution and ways of producing television and the change in habits from the audiences, she asked Televisa to authorized this new challenge of evolve and reinvent the concept of the program. With this respect Lauza Bozzo said, 'today, more than ever I feel Televisa as my home and thank enormously that they allow me this opportunity to work on the reinvention of my show.' When the time is right we will give details of the new Laura Bozzo television project."

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